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Originally Posted by 56RAF_Talisman View Post
Thanks for posting )

I am using TIR so not using snap views. Are snap views possible with TIR?

No idea how you have achieved this view to be flashed up for use whilst in flight, how is this possible?


Solution for TrackIR Users.
(Thanks to Sokol for inspiration.)

Snap views do work with a TrackIr set up.
You can set a snap view and assign it to a joystick or throttle button or single key as well as a macro, just make sure you can still hold the button down whilst adjusting the compass and holding the stick in level flight.

Step One: Press the button/key assigned to one of the snap views, say Snap View 1. Then release the button to return to TrackIr view.
Step Two: Try and get a clear view of the compass without moving the stick. This seems to work best by contorting yourself into a painful position, to the left side and above is easiest. Once in position zoom the view in until the compass is easy to read and press F9 to pause TrackIr. You may have to try this a few times, re-centre your view if you can't get a clear angle on the compass.
Step Three: Press RAlt and NUM 0 to save the view. Then unpause TrackIr.
Step Four: Book chiropractor to reset neck.

You should now have a custom snap view of the compass.

Cheers, Scream.

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May I recommend VR, you can just lean in and take a look, as real as it gets!
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