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Default AREA 51 - The Hidden Secret


This is WIP, but didn't want to spare you from this...
DCS World, multiplayer mission.



A2G training mission using dynamic tasking of targets.

1. Goal

On the RED side, random enemies are spawned at random locations and moving through random routes through the desert towards the blue locations. The BLUE side is to eliminate as much targets as possible.

2. Detection

BLUE has (Airborne) Forward Air Controllers which are hidden in the battlefield, and are detecting the RED enemies.
The detected RED enemy targets are grouped in areas, and are given an area ID (a number).
The command center (HQ) is collecting these detected targets, and is assembling the results and locations of the enemies.

3. Tasking

Depending on the enemy target group composition, tasks are dispatched to you as a player. There are A2G tasks and A2A tasks. The A2A tasking is currently inactivated.

4. A2G Tasks

There are currently 3 different Air To Ground (A2G) task types that are dispatched:

- SEAD = Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses. These are mostly targets that emit radar signals.
- BAI = Battlefield Air Interdiction, which are ground targets without air defenses nearby, and behind enemy lines.
- CAS = Close Air Support, which are ground targets without air defenses nearby, and with friendlies within the target area.

Each of these tasks requires specific equipment and payload to detect and eliminate these targets.

5. A2A Tasks

There are currently 3 different Air To Air (A2A) task types that are dispatched:

- INTERCEPT = Intruders are detected in friendly airspace. Go get them!
- ENGAGE = Enemy planes are nearby while you being airborne. Engage the targets!
- SWEEP = Intruders were detected in friendly airspace, but contact has been lost of at least one minute. Search for the enemy.

Each of these tasks requires specific equipment and payload to detect and eliminate these targets.

7. Task information

The tasking menu can be accessed under the command center (HQ), and select the relevant mission.
Each mission has a menu structure that has:
- Mission Briefing: Displays the briefing of the task.
- Report Tasks: Displays various task reports. The Planned Tasks and the Assigned Task are of your interest.
- Statistics Tasks: Various statistics on the mission.
- Join Task: Join one of the planned tasks.
- (Assigned Task): If a task is assigned or joined, then this menu is displayed. Here you can view the task report or abort the task.

8. Joined Task

After you joined the task selecting the relevant menu option, you are commanded to eliminate the targets in scope of the task.
While in flight, you'll receive from the HQ routing information, which can be displayed in BR, MGRS or LL coordinate formats.
Use the routing information to find your way to or near the target. When targets are moving, the coordinates will be updated, but only if a FAC has detected the movement!
After you have eliminated the targets, you'll receive scoring for target hits, target destroys and once you've destroyed all targets, you'll receieve extra points. You scoring statistics are logged and can also be viewed using the Scoring Menu.
You can abort the current assigned task if the target is not for you.

9. Designation

The BLUE (A)FACs are scanning for targets and are grouping them into areas. Additionally, those (A)FACs which are close enough to the targets (whithin a range of 12km),
can assist with target acquisition or destruction. The (A)FACs closest to the targets can be requested to:
- Lase the targets. Targets are lased in order of "threat level", with air defenses being the highest threat.
- Smoke the targets.
- Illuminate the target area when lighting conditions are bad.

(A)FACs can be ordered to auto lase targets, which will result in the (A)FACs to automatically lase the targets with the highest threat!

Messages are sent to you, showing the targets that are currently being lased, smoked, illuminated.

The lasers work with different laser codes, which are also communicated. Use laser guided bombs or missiles to destroy the targets. Lasers are visible during the night using FLIR capable viewers.

The Designate Menu provides you with all the options for target Designation.

10. Settings

A Settings Menu is available specific for your user. Depending on the type of plane or vehicle, you may want to receive
coordinate information and distance information in the format that is compatible with your plane.
- Use the A2G Coordinate Sub Menu to configure the display of coordinates in BR, MGRS or LL coodinate formats.
- Use the A2A Coordinate Sub Menu to configure the display of coordinates in BRA or BRAA, MGRS, LL and BULLS coodinate formats.
- Use the Measurement Sub Menu to configure the display of distances in the Metric or Imperial formats.

11. Scoring

A Scoring Menu is available that allows you to view your scores and the scoring statistics of other players.

Server: FlightControl Playground MOOSE


Check it out ... You can change borders, add FAC, Add Players, Add EWR, Add Airports, Add Templates... all is dynamic...

Currently it has the following setup on the Blue side:

- Base Groom Lake: 4 x SU-25T "Pointiac 11, 21, 31, 41"
- Base Creech: 4 x F-15C "Chevy 11, 21, 31, 41"
- Base Creech: 4 x AJS-37 "Ford 11, 21, 31, 41"
- Base Creech: 4 x A-10C "Boar 11, 21, 31, 41"
- Base Creech: 4 x A-10A "Tusk 11, 21, 31, 41"
- Base Beaty: 2 x UH-1H "Colt 11, 21"
- Base Pahute: 3 x SA-342 (L,M,Mistral) "Uzi 11, 21, 31", 2 x MIRAGE-200C "Uzi 41, 51"
- Farp Rachel: 4 x KA-50 "Colt 31, 41, 51, 61"
- Farp Rachel: 2 x UH-1H "Colt 71,81"
Farp callsigns "Moscow", "Warsaw", "Dublin", "Rome"

The RED side has AI GCICAP active.

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