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Default SP Questions on AI and campaigns

I'm thinking about buying Normandy and WWII Asset bundle but I'm only single player. Right now I'm flying BOS which has a lot of user made campaigns, dynamic campaigns and a pretty ok AI (not perfect though).
I have some questions:
1. Is there a decent AI implemented for WWII Aircraft using the different strengths of the different Aircraft for example, with different skill Levels.
2. can I hide in clouds from AI?
3. Is there a decent quick-mission Generator, or even a campaign Generator in addition to the DLC-campaigns?
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1. Not really. One could say The AI sort of does use plane's strengths in a sense, that they are often eager to go for a bit of physics-laws-defying climbs and vertical manoeuvers - mind you, the AI uses very simplified flight modelling with no stalls, overheats, G-locks etc. (somewhat similar to other sims on the market) and roughly late 90's - early 2000s level damage modelling, which is the biggest game-breaker right now. Yes, there are adjustable skill levels, though they mostly affect a rather narrow repertoire of manoeuvres the AI can use. No BnZ capabilities per se programmed in.

AI routine improvements and complete overhaul of DM for all warbirds, playable and AI, have been in the works by developers for a few months, no ETA though.

2. No, BoX series is the only one which supports this feature to some extent.

3. Quick mission - no, at least when compared to functionality of all past and present Il-2 series products. Full mission editor - a very powerful tool, there's also built-in campaign builder (only static-scripted though). Two highly praised payware campaigns available for the Normandy show that great things can be done with these tools if someone puts enough work in it. Not many are capable, though, as both tools are complicated to use (still not as bad as BoX series FMB).

DCS doesn't support dynamic mission or campaign generation (with minor exception of some clever scripting in single missions), and will not in forseeable future. Community has been experimenting with custom-made, external tools to overcome this barrier...
... these experipments are limited mostly to modern aircraft, though.

Keep in mind the whole WWII part of DCS is in early-medium (depending on point of view) stage of Work-In-Progress, and thus community is not eager to produce much content for it yet. One can expect the situation to improve when the project gets more fleshed out.

The best advice I can give is - You seem to be lurking around here for a few years - I suppose you do have at least basic DCSW package installed? If not anymore, do it again - with free, unarmed TF-51D included you won't be able to shoot planes, but you will be perfecty able to put it in the sky over Caucasus against all four types of combat warbirds and at least observe how AI behaves in this sim at various skill levels. You will also have to learn basics of mission editor to create these skirmish scenarios and see if the editor functionality suits your needs.
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