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i never saw razbam making helicopter in the past for fsx/fs9, i am not optimist and they have so much todo.

We need a good helicopter maker, we have Gazelle, Huey, Mi 8, ka52, we miss European tigre/nh90/caracal and US one apache/cobra/ch53/uh60.

I read somewhore MI24 project.

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I‘d be amazed of ANY new helicopter. But the focus seems to be on aerobatic propeller fixed wings in the moment.
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CH-46 please.
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I'd love to see either the CH-46 or CH-53 Super Stallion!
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The problem with something like that is that almost no one's flight gear supports flying a helicopter that you have to use the throttle on as part of the balancing act.
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Originally Posted by gunterlund21 View Post
CH-46 please.

Supper Frog!
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Always though they would be a great fit for DCS- Lynx and Sea Lynx. Just been retired so not classsified though there is still flying examples. Could have the Lynx with TOW missiles for anti armour and Sea Skua on the Sea Lynx which was an extremely successful anti ship missile which damaged or took out several vessels during the falklands/Gulf War. If torpedos are ever developed, they could crumby that gameplay in.

They can also do cargo, have door gunners and are ideal for multi crew. Plus they are notoriously agile and fast. I
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No big helicopters please.

Finish your other modules first.

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