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Originally Posted by Snacko View Post
Also, I have been testing the 'Ground Roll' and Ground Bumps with the FA-18c, and the Ground Roll produces no effect. I turned everything else off(unchecked). And set Ground Roll to 100, but still no vibration.

I believe the file it uses is hp_4_0_4.wav(Runway/Taxiway Rolling file), and when I test that I do get the effect very well at 50%. So that is strange..

Looks like it's not being called out from SSA. What you can see in the log?
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Hmmm... wel I just tested it again with all other effects off and it worked. I don't know why it wouldn't work yesterday.

I have had some strange problems with SSA since I got it. One is that sometimes, the ground roll/bumps continue after takeoff. And another is when I pause the game, or even exit the game, one or more effects continue to shake. That happens about 1/4 of the time. And yesterday, After I had exited DCS and SSA closed all it's windows, it did stop shaking. But 10 minutes later I noticed my CPU was running at 100%. When I looked, I found that it was Simshaker. I exited SS and the cpu dropped back down to 10%.

I have not seen others post these types of issues, so I tend to think it's my pc? IDK
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The ground rolling effect only starts above a certain speed. And should stop after the gear struts relaxes(airborn).
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Hi f4l0,

I tried the soundmodule with my external USB soundcard. In the ASIO4ALL panel the USB card is highlighted. If I start the Sound Module however, I get a notification saying: 'NaudioPlaybackEngine: please check if required ASIO driver is presented' Closing and restarting the ASIO4ALL panel (with the Sound Module window still open) the USB card in the ASIO window gets crossed out.

In that case ASIO recommends you to check if the soundcard is not used by another program (which I think is not the case) and disable 'Microsoft GS-Wavetable (I did). Still the same message in the Sound Module however.

I also tried deleting and reinstalling ASIO (2.13) with the Sound Module still running. However, hitting the reinstall button (to version 2.14 of ASIO4ALL) I get an error saying "error opening file for
writing: Program Files (x86)\ASIO4ALL v2\asio4all.dll. Closing the Sound Module and retrying the installation then works. Same thing when watching a youtube clip. Switching the sound from my realtek speakers to the USB card and amp.
with the Sound Module still open, I get an error message on the youtube window. So it appears that the Sound Module is using the asio4all.dll driver afterall.

Maybe I should buy another internal (this time) soundcard, that ASUS Xonar? Ext. USB one I have now is a startech one.

I have no idea what's wrong. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Hi guys, hoping you can help.
I am running into a problem I have never seen before. Usually Simshaker opens automatically when my computer starts. Now I am getting this error and it won't open. "Cannot Start Application. Application is improperly formatted. Contact the application vendor for assitance."

I attached the details log it generated.

I don't know if a windows update jammed this up or what. It was working flawlessly during my last session.

Thanks, Jason
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