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Default X52 Pro -- button and wheel malfunction

Hello everyone.
(I wish I didn't have to make my first post a request for help of all things, but this is driving me batty, and nobody else seems to have written about this before.)

Just two months ago I got my first HOTAS setup and jumped into DCS. Besides the initial nightmare of driver installation, everything worked fine, until recently. In the past few weeks I noticed some occasional malfunctions, mostly on the throttle component. Namely: the scroll wheel (which I've bound to the su-25 laser rangefinder/su-27 radar illumination) occasionally either inputs only scroll down, or continuously inputs scroll up (resulting in the aforementioned systems rapidly toggling on/off.) the other malfunction is with the fire D button, which when pressed once does a rapid double-click, or does not register the button press at all. When held down the signal gets cut off so the input is like I'm doing multiple presses in rapid succession. (so when bound to the shkval camera lock for example I find myself having to press multiple times)

Has anyone else experienced these issues? Is it possible that this is just a result of bad wiring or power issues with my USB ports, something that can be fixed at home? I've written to madcatz tech support and frankly I'd RMA if I could, but I happen to live in the Philippines and had to ship this all the way from the US, so I'm not really sure if I even have the option of sending it back for a replacement.

I would be very grateful for any information or assistance on this issue.

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If it's not serious hardware failure, probably it's just a dust issue I think (and hope). Because I had that.

There're cleaners in the market, you can open it and use spray on them, but very little touches... or if you have a friend that can do stuff like these, he can clean switches.
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Thanks for the input. I do hope that's the case. It does seem likely; I have a bunch of cats at home, and their fur is pretty much everywbere.
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