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Originally Posted by Yol View Post
I am an adsl technician and you wouldn't believe how many things can impact on the speed.
Do exist some guidelines from the expert world for the public to improve bandwith ?
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Originally Posted by shagrat View Post
If you can't stand Early Access, don't buy Early Access.
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Originally Posted by clayvt View Post
That's why I put in a dedicated DCS 500gb SSD...

This ^^^ and they are getting cheaper by the month..
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and sometimes on sale for $49 USD.

can’t go wrong at that price.
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Originally Posted by Abburo View Post
Haha ... Eastern Europe have better and much cheaper connectivity than Western Europe (general rule). For Romania for example 1GB domestic bandwidth is very common and affordable (~10 euro/month)
Maybe yeah, I'm on cable 200/6 with 2 phone lines and +250 DTV channels and 30 HD ones, no caps, for 50 Euro.
Just got upgraded from 150/4 like 2 months ago, however it was the first batch, the second batch will upgrade uploads from 6 to at least 10 or 12 Gbps in just a few months at the end of summer.

This ISP is using hybrid Fiber+Coax as they say so it's not FTTH, they had an upgrade on their end and it's all runing Docsis 3.0, but it's going to Docsis 3.1 in the near future.
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I've erased Caucasus, DCS works so far, since caucasus is so damn outdated, very unrealistic Airfields with no buildings, wrong taxi and runways, one texture for everything. Also I don't like old planes, prob planes.. way to boring for me, i guess you can erase them too without a problem, will safe you more then 20Gb

If all real wars could only be fought in DCS..

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