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Originally Posted by leafer View Post
I don't think it is going to happen from ED but I'd love a proper tank sim. No 3rd party dev interested?

The first one will come from ED with all the resources (api's, physics etc) needed to integrate a tank, APC simulation properly into the workings of DCS I'm thinking. It's only a matter of time... This will happen and could possibly be good for the commercial side too? Another reason to do it "properly" and set it up for third parties with the needed tools at the same time.

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Well, we can't be too harsh on them right now. They just came out with the F-18C, which we have been waiting FOREVER for. So, they're going to be concentrating on that, and probably thinking how they can get their monies worth for all their time and effort with the newly developed systems. I expect at least F-16C will also be coming out, since the systems for it have now been developed. Maybe improved F-15 Eagle as well.

But yeah, I would love to see some ground modules and some FPS. This could be the ARMA Killer. Arma 3 was pretty much a disaster IMO. Felt cheap, like playing with barbie dolls. Arma 2 with it's really well developed mods was soo much better. Arma 3 felt just tossed together. And then, of course, there is Steel Beasts, which isn't THAT great and overpriced IMO. If DCS can raise the capital, they should GO FOR IT. Start developing ground modules, improve the terrain more, introduce FPS. They could make a fortune. The planes are really well done, but the "war" seems so lacking when all you can realistically control are the planes. Like one guy said above, what are you really supposed to do with the Mi-8 and such?
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Originally Posted by feefifofum View Post
There is a RADAR-only screen for SAM units.
Is it really implemented ?
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At the beginning was only for Tor.
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Originally Posted by Skitter View Post
Is it really implemented ?
from old 1.5.1 version. In Sa-15, Sa-8, Sa-19 and others.
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