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Csgo GE oh yeah
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Yes, F15, please finish soom
SATAL : "Summary - Tomcat limited to 2 AIM-54A mk74 Phoenix per aircraft for both Diamond and Gold leagues. All other Phoenix types, AIM-54A mk60 and AIM-54C, are currently banned."
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F-100 please
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Rockwell B-1, because we don't have a flying bomber yet and the B-1 is the most beautiful Thanks
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Preferably a navy helicopter of some sort, specifically one that can complement the Tarawa, liKe a AH-1 of CH-53
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Originally Posted by Krupi View Post
A Panavia Tornado and SEPECAT Jaguar


SEPECAT Jaguar GR3A would be sweet.
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Has anyone already asked about modern Russian stuff? If ao, was there any answer? Anyways, full fi MiG-29 or Su-27 would be great, and their early multirole versions would be absolutely fantastic.
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SH-60B, or MH-60S/R

Both would fill unique roles in a marine environment, and would fit nicely alongside the Harrier.
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My 2p would be to bring in what's already in FSX - at least it seems like there'd be a base to work from, like AV8B:
- Harrier GR9
- Intruder
- Prowler
- Maybe Corsair/Skyhawk/Buckeye?

TBH I personally think more should be reaching-out to existing makers for other platforms to tempt/coax them into development. I know it's a long process of contract negotiations and workflow changes etc. but still worth a punt when we've already got an incredible C130 suite out there (Captain Sim), a probable replacement Hawk (Just Flight or full suite from IRIS of T1A/LIFT/200/T45 etc) and Tornado's (GR1 & 4 through JF again).

Loving the whole SA terrain and asset pack though - getting the assets flyable (Sea King already confirmed etc.) would be ace. Don't see enough of that with other maps thus far.

Tonka and Jag are my fave 'new' ones in this thread, but I'm biased
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