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Agreed, I stick to inferno PvE, semi random encounters and if you like CAP you can support the ground pounders.
Although it's just a stop gap until we get proper dynamic online campaigns with moving front lines and resource capture/suppression.
I can dream right?
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Originally Posted by Nexus-6 View Post
No particular aircraft is necessarily the Air-to-Air "king". They all have their own strengths and weaknesses which you must learn to exploit.

"The quality of the crate matters little. Success depends on the man who sits in it."

- Manfred von Richthofen

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I couldn't find a better answer !
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Originally Posted by captain_dalan View Post
Maybe there is a way to mitigate this by scripting every single Jester command so you can do it from the front seat
Interesting, but what kind of Jester command are you talking about ? What do you want to achieve more specifically ?

I only played that module during the free week-end so I can't check by myself.
I own :
FC3 МиГ-21бис МиГ-15бис Ми-8МТВ2 Mirage 2000C Ka-50 F-5E Bf109K-4 SA342 A-10C МиГ-19 F/A-18C Fw-190A8
I'll buy :
МиГ-23МЛД & МЛА МиГ-27К МиГ-25 F-14A Mirage III F-4E any IJ plane 1950' Korea Dynamic campaign module
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