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Default Aussie Hornets Crosswind Takeoff

Whilst doing anything not to revise for my exams I stumbled across this, the lead almost gets blown off! Enjoy

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General 3D modeling thread and reference sites
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Very nice. I wish Hornet was released this year or at least in a beta stage.
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Nice find, dont worry you are not the only one procrastinating at the moment!

I was going to say that doesnt look like Williamtown or Amberly. I dont think its albatross either. Definitely somewhere on the east coast but.
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I'm going to say that's windy, but not 30-40 knots. Maybe 25.
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The wind on the day was being reported as 30-40knots nearly all cross. This was at an air show south of Sydney. Only about 3 brave aviators ventured into the luft due crosswind another brave soles attempt just prior to the Hornets departure:

One blown tyre the result.

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Yep - was a wild and windy day which in terms of watching an airshow was disappointing
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Wow, now that's incredible. (In a BMS training session, they have a cross wind landing with the F-16, really scares the s*** outta ya coming in.... 30 knots or so)

But I give it to those Aussie pilot's, nice job with getting those birds off the ground.

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Oof! You can really see it in the trees on that Sabre landing video. I take it back! Maybe not quite as bad for the Hornet departures anyway?
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australian, crosswind, f-18, hornet, takeoff

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