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Originally Posted by fullwoody View Post
Good morning folks.

I love the updates to DCS-BIOS! couple of bugs i think. The RWR Power button, is coded as a 2Pos Switch. However when you connect that to a push button, you of course get a 1 and then a 0 indicating button pressed and released. The response in the cockpit from both F18 and f16 is the RWR power goes on.. then immediately off.

DcsBios::Switch2Pos rwrPowerBtn("RWR_POWER_BTN", A5);
DcsBios::Switch2Pos rwrPwrBtn("RWR_PWR_BTN", A5);

It does seem to be limited specifically to just those buttons in the game, the other push buttons seem to work ok. I currently have 5 hooked up. Master Modes AA and AG, Master Caution Reset, LIST (UFC/VIPER) and Jettison (HORNET).

Look forward to the response.
Thanks, keep up the awesome work on this mod!

I just ran into same problem as I'm building my F-18 RWR control panel and decided to do a forum search for help. Have you (or anyone) found a solution to this? In the meantime what I have done to make it more usable is added ",true" after the pin number to reverse the input of the button, so in a sense it's always on and can't turn the RWR off. I figured that once you turn on the RWR who cares if you can't turn it back off! At least for the time being, would love for this to be addresses.

Wondering if it's something we can get into the LUA and play around with and maybe fix ourselves? I'm not terribly savvy with DCS-BIOS library customizations, but willing to learn.


So I think I've found where this problem originated... I just noticed the "DISPLAY" button (immediately to the left of the "ON" button) behaves the way the "ON" button should be behaving. So the "DISPLAY" button latches in the pushed and held position where as the "ON" button behaves as a momentary pushed on button. These two need to be reversed. Anyone know how to do that? I'll start looking at the LUA and report back if I figure it out.


Ok, I might just be a pit builder noob but maybe the problem here isn’t with DCS-BIOS and it’s with buttons. I noticed as I’m working on a Station Select for Jettison that I’m getting the same behavior... a momentary press when it should be latched. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t be using momentary push buttons and need to use a physical locking/latching push button!? I’m hoping that’s my issue because i just ordered some from amazon. Can anybody confirm if my logic is improving here? And to my second edit- I can’t confirm that the Display butting is behaving incorrectly, please
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Might be a weird question, but what is the main difference between the OG DCS-BIOS (assume the account with the same name on Github is from the original creator) and the fork from DCSFlightPanels folks, which should be used these days?

I see them both are being updated very regularly, so i am not sure which one to use. Although the 0.10 from the DCS-BIOS account seems to be okay
Working on updates...
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Originally Posted by Vinc_Vega View Post
Understand, you want to have the signals sent to a second computer and test your hardware just in time.
In the past there was an option to send DCS Bios signals over local network and receive them by an arduino ethernet shield, but I didn't know if that option still exists.
Had a go with this on my rig, and it's cool, but maybe not what I wanted. I want the option to be able to check a box, or put a number in a box so that either a command takes place (eg light a particular warning lamp) or a gauge output commands so that the gauge will move to the relevant position.

That way, you can check that the particular light goes on when it's supposed to, and you can also check the zero, 100% and mid positions of a gauge, so that you can enter the right ranges in the Bios sketch.

Anyway, it's still very good!


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Hi Les,

a while ago there was the DCS-BIOS Debug Tool discussed here in a thread.
It would have been a good start for exactly that what you (and other builders) want.

Unfortunately the development seems to be stopped.


Regards, Vinc
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Default DCS BIOS Setup and Connection (Newbie)

Firstly Good morning, secondly, thank you for taking the time to read this. As a complete newbie to DCS Bios and Arduino Im struggling to get my head around what you guys must look on as a very basic issue. I have trawled the net and many forums to find my answers but to no avail. I have followed instructions as supplied in the DCS Bios handbook but not making much progress.
In a nutshell, I cannot seem to connect to DCS. As in Pic 1
My first question therefore is why does the table not show (as in pic 2)?
Is it because my DCS install directory is not on my 'C' drive (it's on my 'S' SSD drive). Also, to preserve space on my C drive, my 'Saved Games' folder is also on the 'S' drive.

My COMM port is open correctly and the Arduino IDE communicates with the Mega 2560 Controller Board without issues.

Finally, if someone could point me in the general direction for yet again, basic help to install the Chrome Extension, as I cant find the location of the 'unpacked' file to load.

If I have posted these very basic questions in the wrong place or forum, please accept my apologies and Admin, move it to a more relevant place. Thank you and to anyone who answers, thank you in anticipation as Im really struggling with these basic steps. Cheers
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