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I always do full stop up procedures on the first flight of the "session". I don't use random failures for two reasons 1. I don't fly enough to need the distraction, I want to play the game... err simulator... and let's be honest "blow shat up". 2. I'm a pilot RL and "random" failures in sims (lots of FSX time) the failures are way to often compared to RL. RL does have issues but generally minimal in nature, sure you could get an engine failure but in my experience (I've never had one, worst I had was gear failure which was eventually sorted and got it out) engine failures are 1 in a huge number. My airline would have 1 engine failure in many years. Good mechanics I guess and gentle pilots?
I do enjoy the immersion of the full start up and checks etc, but mid battle i'll cheat and get going again 'simulating' that I did the check on the first flight. But to each their own. Why criticize someone for getting rolling before you... if you enjoy the full on checks every spawn, enjoy, don't worry about the others.
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