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SPO SPO SPO Woohoo!!!! Woohoo!!! Thank you!!! Looking forward to it
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Originally Posted by AeriaGloria View Post
Stabilization has always worked for me.
It has never worked for you. Imagine only having one missile, set 11 degrees of bank, 3 degrees of pitch, and letting go of the stick. With stabilization the airplane will continue that bank and pitch foreverish as long as speed allows.
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Which missile? I’m not sure I perfectly understand you, it is supposed to try to maintain bank and pitch at that bank angle in the right conditions. It is stated in the manual it uses trim, but how is this accomplished with aileron? I would assume the hydraulic booster, but i would think it couldn’t have the power to fight any asymmetry. The manual states also it is filtering your inputs, so how much authority is that if you let go of the stick?
I am away from my computer for a while so I can’t verify roll behavior, but it certainly does have an effect with pitch input
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Either missile. The minor roll input needed to counter asymmetric missile load is well within SAU's roll authority. It's the same authority for self-leveling mode which easily rotates the bank through 180 degrees within 6 seconds. Does self-leveling mode struggle with asymmetric loading or not?

The manual says "if stick is relieved of forces using trim" i.e. before SAU tries to act it is best if stick forces are trimmed away. That does not say that SAU acts on the airplane by way of the trim system. After all there is no pilot roll trim and yet SAU does act on the roll control surfaces.

There are force sensors on the flight stick which disengage attitude hold when pilot applied force exceeds 1.1 kgf lateral and 1.8 kgf in pitch (+-0.1). That is the trigger for new pitch and bank attitude (heading instead of roll if bank is <6deg) values to be captured. The channels are independent so it's possible to have pitch on and bank off if only lateral stick force exceeds threshold.

The simple fact is that SAU stab. should manage to maintain simple attitude holding and it's not even trying. Something like a constant 30 degree banked turn at constant attitude should be easy to set up hands off.
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FWIW, in my cursory testing, STABILZATION mode will not compensate for an asymetrical load. For that matter, nor will RECOVERY mode completely negate the effects. How much of this has to do with the lack of a roll trim function in the aircraft, I don't know.

I also noticed that, while according to the manual, STABILZATION mode is supposed to control for both pitch and heading when the bank is less than 6° (I may be wrong on the exact number of degrees), it does not. It will hold the lesser bank angle rather than moving to a zero bank angle and you will continue a slow turn. But that's another issue.

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