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Default Are grass takeoffs/landings possible?

After getting used to takeoffs and landings on runways, I tried the flat patch of grass parallel to Batumi's runway just doesn't work. This goes for both the Bf 109 and the Spitfire. At this point I can fly them with equal skill, and can consistently maintain control on takeoff and 3-point landings on paved runways. However trying any of these two warbirds on grass in DCS is suicide. I think the only aircraft I've managed to land on grass and not have a wing strike is the Yak.

With the Bf 109 in particular, no matter how straight I keep it on the roll, the wheels seem to hit bumps and bounce the wings all over the place. I typically cut the grass with both wing tips before I'm airborne. Then on landing I will start bouncing around so much that I will break a wing, with 100% assurance of that.

Meanwhile I'm happy as a lark on pavement. What's up with that? Are the "flat" fields in DCS not up to snuff for warbirds?
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they are possible, and actually became way easier than they have been before they changed the frcition. before it was actually a real challenge and even the slightest drift lead to an unrecoverable accident in most cases.

before they changed the friction of the tires, i actually was of the opinion, that the ground physics on paved runways were spot on, while the grass landings were too hard but still possible...

to my disappointment though, instead of changing the friction of the grass-grounds, they changed the friction of the tires of the aircraft themselves. especially the one of the 109, so that it affects all surfaces, with the result that on paved runways you will now slide around by an unrealistic amount without being punished for bad techniques. grassfields on the other hand seem more or less plausible now.

just focus more on avoiding any sideslip/drift on the ground and you will succeed.

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