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Originally Posted by Andy1966 View Post
if you stood beside one and saw how small the rudder really was, you would understand why..

Originally Posted by Ala13_ManOWar View Post
As well as astonishing small, have you seen it in person? Ridiculously small, the whole aircraft is.


yes, there is 1 a few meters next to my work. i can watch it every day. yes its small...but, it has a flettner rudder, which is i think not considered in the rudder forces(at least by the sounds of Yo-Yo's previous statements), and also because of the small surface, the force should also be smaller theoretically, and therefore should be possible to deflect more at similar speeds to a bigger rudder, given the connections between pedals and rudder are identical. and there is nothing special with the 109's.
of course a bigger rudder has a bigger effect at similar deflection to a smaller one. but as you mentioned, the whole 109 is small, not only the rudder. so the relative size of the rudder, is not much smaller than the 1 of the spitfire for example. the p51 has a huge rudder though!

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Yep, the rudder is still small as well as the whole aircraft, but the engine isn't as it's torque either. So not any advantage, on the contrary it's the worst case scenario you would like, massive torque and no big enough controls to counter it.

So back on topic, an excellent rendition of the real deal IMO regardless of the dumb down of the most recent versions compared to first released one (same as every DCS warbird I have to say).


P.S.: the Spitfire rudder is bigger by a bunch, and only later models had a bigger and reshaped one as I guess you know
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Originally Posted by Wrench View Post
The trouble is the trim wheel would be somewhat difficult to get to in certain instances, and would need to be shuttled aft several times to get to the desired trim setting.
how is the trimwheel difficult to reach? its just where your left arm is. the design is actually pretty clever thought out, as its next to the flaps wheel, so that you can easily adjust both at the same time. multiple pilot accounts talk about using trim...the only possible discrepancy i see between those statements and dcs is that most pilot accounts say, that only very little trim change was needed to get to the desired attitude...but thats a pretty vague and statement. not precise to either say its correct or not...

but one thing is for sure, to trim a plane is no cheat, thats usual business in any aircraft.
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I'm only just learning the K-4. And I love the DCS rendition of it. Right now I have only a handful of flights under my belt. And I need to read the manual from start to finish. So I know there is much that I do not know about her. But, she is a very good bird. She can bite you for sure. But I love the 109. I'm not quite up to ACM in the bird yet though.

As far as the trim wheel goes, I usually do that with the mouse in my right hand and the stick in my left which is kind of a contortion thing for me as I have the stick on my right side. But it works.

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Default German Bird

Just want to say I just got this bird and I really love it already.
I've had a few flights and I am building up my airbase slowly with available hardware and have been chasing a spitfire around lately, my takeoffs are OK now (no peddles) so I use assistance to compensate. Landings are sometimes Ok and sometimes I break stuff but it's really challenging and I have new admiration for the pilots of those planes.

I've a read just a few books on the WWII aces and their short brilliant lives so it's pretty amazing to be able to have this experience with this sim.
I'm Really looking forward to further developments for this map and any new WWII planes. I am definitely going to get the FW 190 that's a given and if a Mosquito comes out that also. I'am an old hand from way back and this sim keeps me coming back for more again and again

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