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Originally Posted by Nealius View Post
I find it confusing that, normally when extending flaps I get a pitch down moment, but when I take off with flaps down, 2 degrees nose down trim, and neutral stick I get massive pitch up once the wheels leave the ground.
That's because of ATA setting, the higher you use the more torque forces you encounter, the lower your speed the worst those torque effects are and the harder to control she is. Give a try with different TO setting and you'll be surprised.

With regard to the OT I never use flaps to TO in the 109 (or 190, or Spit, or Ponny unless external stores), as somebody already said she's willing enough to get airborne making any extra aid useless or even a drawback. But of course that's using 1.2-3 ATA, the time I forgot to watch it and go higher I have a bad time taking off until I realise my mistake. Also manual pitch to 11.30 (as recommended by some modern warbird pilots) is a quite pleasant setting and more than enough to get airborne in a few seconds with a quite predictable torque, once in the air auto goes fine. With flaps everything is worst, they can be used but unnecessary for my taste.

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20 Degree Flaps setting works Pretty good, because with full Fuel Tank the Center of Gravity is moves backwards in the 109, that makes the sudden nose Pitch up in the 109 on Take off.
With Flaps down it wil shift Foward, makes smooth Take off even with full Power and Nose heavy Trim of 1.
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Just tried with 60% fuel, no flaps, nose down trim of 2, 1.2~1.25 ATA. Super smooth. I still had to tap the right brake a few times until the rudder took over at around ~50km/h or so.
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