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To answer the OP, they are not mutually exclusive and you can have both. Moose contains a lot of Mist albeit the functions are renamed or just built upon. Moose then goes in directions to build larger layers of scripts called modules and that's where the savings are, but you need to use the modules to benefit from the simplicity, at a casual level moose and Mist are doing the same thing and can be shorter or longer to achieve the same effect depending on exactly what you want to do. Mist is like a bunch of tools laid out on the floor. Moose is like a bunch of tool-sets on the floor with some tools scattered around them. Both of them need some savvy from the user. Spawning is quite different though. I much prefer MOOSE as it's simpler and has quite a few decent functions embedded in the SPAWN module.
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I routinely have MOOSE, Mist, CTLD, CSAR and a created script running.

Mist is the base layer for the most excellent CTLD and CSAR scripts, btw.

If the question is - which one to dig into and start becoming proficient and more advanced with, I was personally attracted to MOOSE because of the extent and level of detail in the documentation, as well as the suite of very well done "example" missions that exercise every class there is. Some in really creative and time-saving ways.

I found these, along with the videos, especially how to set up the LDT absolutely fantastic for getting started.

I've been at it for quite a while and still go back to those test missions and learn new things.

I do use Mist as well, but honestly less often. If it had a library of common & really cool example stuff that can be easily done, maybe with a focus on do_script one liners - I bet that would be a huge hit.

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