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Originally Posted by philstyle View Post
Nice work Roblex.

At 250 yards, or so, the contacts are just so tiny, making up so few pixels on the screen. It's very hard to aim at something that far away I find.
I've always adopted the "wait until he fills the gunsight" approach (i.e. ~100 yards) also. However, I've found that I seldom get the devastating results at such short range. I guess I'm shooting inside the convergence point also, and that to get the sweet-spot I need to be opening up further out... but then it's so hard to hit something there....

As convergence on the Spitfire is "around" 225-250 yards, if you shoot at ~100 yards your rounds will go each side of the cockpit, converging in front of him! given that he's flying straight and level and your gun-sight is on his fuselage, it would be better to aim slightly off to one side and slightly high, top of the tail height, this is because your rounds will be coming "up" from your gun position to the sight level line, so until convergence they are "low", the best you can do is hit him with all the guns from one wing.

This all changes in a turn fight as you're likely to get hits on his wings which are a bigger target in a turn.

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Originally Posted by OnlyforDCS View Post
Yeah I usually set my gunsight to 250 yards, and the wingspan to a few feet more than minimum, whatever that is. I will try and set it to 200 yards now after reading this detailed report. Thanks again!
I would not bother changing what you do. The smallest marking is 40ft so if you are setting it a little lower than that and the range as 250yds it probably means that when a 32ft 109 fits between the bars you are actually 200- 225 yds behind him and your bullets are quite closely concentrated. Look at the picture taken from just in front of the 109 and look how close together the bullets that have passed him still are. I suspect anything from 200-250 will do serious damage.
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