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[QUOTE=jamie_c;3731319]For any future queries on this subject, this is all boom boom stores the F-5E3 could carry.

Thanks for the F-5 Weapon loading chart!
When will we get BLU-1's / BLU-27's (750 lb) and BLU-32's (500 lb)? --the napalm bombs.

In regards to the other discussion here...
I don't care if the F-5E is "not competitive" in air-to-air against 4th gen fighters. It is a cool little jet! I like it. It's fun to fly without a HUD sometimes. It's fun to try to make it fly with all that 'iron' and 'JP' hanging under the wings sometimes, too. It's a very well done aircraft in DCS!!

It belongs in the Vietnam Era. Which is what DCS needs, I think...a Vietnam Era with Vietnam least the 1972 time period of Linebacker I and II. There's a whole era there of aircraft from which the F-5E and UH-1 are the lonely examples in DCS (the F-5E-3 and UH-1H are close enough). But if you all insist on 1990's aircraft over the super-flat and dull Persian Gulf map... well, it's just sad. I long to fly the A-7B, A-6A, F-105D, F-100D and F-4B/D/E. Oh, wait, when the MiG-19 arrives, it will fit into the Vietnam era.
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Yes, mig-19 Is coming.
ED promised the f-4, but we have to wait the Hornet and the viper.
Then maybe Vietnam time?
2020? We'll see.
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Originally Posted by Andrew8604 View Post
When will we get BLU-1's / BLU-27's (750 lb) and BLU-32's (500 lb)? --the napalm bombs.
Incendiary bombs need implement incendiary bomb into DCS, and has planned some napalm bomb to the F/A-18C
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Originally Posted by Kev2go View Post
there comes a point where there is such a huge technological leap that you cant blame the pilot for not being able to come out on top most of the time.
Nice to see some common sense.

The whole point of advancing aircraft design is to reduce the influence of relative pilot skill in determining outcomes. Pilot training is great, but it's even better when your rookie can beat the enemy's best because the rookie has a better weapon.
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Originally Posted by Zilch View Post
Except, it is.

The F-5E is fully capable of challenging and defeating any other aircraft in DCS. I'm far from the hottest ace around, and I've done it more than once with favorable KDR over time against Mirages, Flankers and Eagles, if that means anything.

Maybe we have a different definition of "competitive," but I find that the F-5 is capable of threatening anything else in DCS' skies. I'd say that makes it "competitive." I would not say "dominant" or anything, but "competitive" in that it *can and does compete*, absolutely.

You have to be on your game if you're fighting any 4th generation aircraft, but there's a reason the F-5 has been frustrating BFM students for so long. It's tiny, agile, and hard to see. No radar system is perfect, ditto for BVR missiles. WVR with AIM-9P-5's and guns, and good tactics, you can make anyone else poop their pants.

If I was flying in actual combat, sure, I'd be scared shitless if flying our F-5 against a Flanker or similar. However, in DCS, which of what we're talking about, my experience has been that the F-5 can compete just fine with newer jets, but *only* with practice, good tactics, and preferably a good team.

Biggest problem I have with the F-5 is its well-known low engine power and lack of IFF interrogator...combined with the difficulty in DCS of spotting and identifying planes, you really are at a disadvantage in that respect. As you close to WVR to make a kill, setting up your attack and not even knowing if your contact is hostile or not, well, that sucks. Hence, teamwork.

If we're just going to compare stats and decide a winner, we don't even need to fly to decide the contest. Flying, though, as much as we do in DCS, there's too many variables to say. It's different every time.

In real world BFM training, there are a lot of restrictions put in place that give the F-5 something of a fighting chance against more powerful, more modern, and much faster fighter aircraft. If you were to put even the most skilled aggressor pilot in their DACT focused F-5 in a real-life fight against a dedicated 4th or 5th gen fighter, that F-5 would get killed pretty quick if it tried to pick a fight.

In DCS's public servers, this are a bit different because we are seldom dealing with real combat pilots and instead hobbyists who may or may not put a lot of time into learning tactics, procedures, and good pilot skills. This can create a environment where planes like the F-5 can actually thrive. If you were to construct a multiplayer environment that closely models real world doctrine in terms of air defense, AWACS support, realistic tactics, and highly skilled pilots, the F-5 would have a very, very tough time doing much of anything.
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Originally Posted by nessuno0505 View Post
Yes, mig-19 Is coming.
ED promised the f-4, but we have to wait the Hornet and the viper.
Then maybe Vietnam time?
2020? We'll see.
The F-4E we'd be getting is an ARN-101 bird. Early 80's era, not 'nam.
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Originally Posted by Hyena View Post
The F-4E we'd be getting is an ARN-101 bird. Early 80's era, not 'nam.
For what it's worth, the only 'nam bird we have is the UH-1H, currently.

The VPAF didn't accept deliveries of the 21bis's until about '79.

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