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Originally Posted by RoxSy View Post
I can't believe they sell a product and no one took the time to redo the campaign just to be sure everything is working ...
Please check the story behind the bugs before taking something like this for granted.
The campaign was solid and released without bugs one year ago.

A new engine model for the Huey got released, cargo mechanism gets frequent updates and new caucasus got released.

The campaign had to be done from scratch in many missions for the new caucasus. We got early access to the new theater and prepared the campaign months ago before the release. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to start it now.

So there are no bugs related to triggers etc. The "bugs" coming from cargos and engine performance are NOT related to the campaign mission building.

I changed multiple times and tested along with Petritis new weights for the cargos to make them work despite the fact that when the campaign was designed, the Huey was working completely different. In the last update it was ok now we get reports that something changed again.

Even if I change the weights and other stuff every day, it won't work if the Huey and cargos change frequent.

The other major thing is the version you fly it. Open Beta was different than the stable one. So updates that fix things in Open Beta weren't available for the stable version.

Will check AGAIN now for any issues, but I can only promise that I can fix issues related to campaign bugs which at the moment are not present.


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Maybe you should post your explanation in a separate sticky post for good visibility. You might put something like "Argo Campaign and DCS 2.5". You guys have my respect for adapting/tweaking/fixing the campaign for 2.5


Sure $10 is $10 and we are entitled for ideally a bug free campaign, support, etc. etc. But as Greg stated, there is the campaign, there is the Huey and there is DCS terrain. Bugs can come from different sources. Also let's remember that no so long ago there was no 3rd party campaigns... Campaing developers earn money, sure thing, but not that much IMHO. Let's also keep in mind that they are also passionate users, just like us
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I'm not flamming the 3rd Party nor DCS in particular.
I'm not really interested in who's to blame.
I'm a client ; I paid for a stable product and it's not.

If it was beta, well, I would have known.
But it was supposed to be ''stable''.

And that is a general policy : rush unstable and unfinished products out and patch them later.
Everyone is doing it and it pisses me off.

I really enjoy flying the Huey.
I don't mind flying several hours in a row if I don't have to do the very same flight again and again because of bugs.

I find a solution though.

I went back to 1.5 ...
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For now the hook is still broken.

But there may be another problem :
I tried that mission in 1.5.8 and I achieved every tasks.

When you're done with the ground targets, you're asked to tune your FM and go back to Argo.

But at the end of the mission, the score is low (30).
I find absolutely silly to go back to the previous mission when you are below 50.
I mean, do it again ... ok.
Go back to the previous one ? Who's got that idea !?

Anyway, that is another story.

My question is more about the scoring system inside the mission itself.

Why am I so low in score ?

The delivery was smooth and spot on, the shots were accurate.
(And believe me I trained hard).

I think it may have to deal with the flight path you take on your way back.
Maybe you have to follow it very accurately ?
The flight path on your kneeboard is far from a direct return.

Is that where I lose points ?
Maybe you guys could edit the message to be a little less confusing because you're just told to tune your FM and go back...

That said,
Thank you very much for the ability to skip the mission with F10 (while the hook is broken) because Mission 4 is so great that it would have been a shame no to be able to fly it !!


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Originally Posted by RoxSy View Post
Go back to the previous one ? Who's got that idea !?
It's basically standard procedure in DCS campaigns, due to the lack of dynamic campaign propagation. Like a kind of penalty for not fulfilling your goals. I've seen campaigns where you do just replay the current mission if you have between say 50 and 70, propagate if higher and step down to previous if lower.
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Yep !
UN and Mirage campaign works like that.
If you're good you go further, if not you stay where you are.

I can see the point of going back on strategy action games, like Close Combat.
You lose a battle then you are pushed back to your previous positions in some way.

But where is the logic of having to go rescue submariners again if you can't slingload a cargo ?
That is nonsense ...

It's not a mission 3 problem though ...
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I can confirm this mission is working in 2.5.3
Move away a few meters from the cargo, land (or not) and hassle with the menu until you have red smoke.
No red smoke => no cargo
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