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Originally Posted by BSS_Sniper View Post
Ok, for the life of me I can't find the line in CTLD to change the laser code. I'd assume it was near the top in the JTAC section but I don't see it.
Here you go:

ctld.JTACAutoLase('JTAC1', 1688)
Its an argument on the do script so you can replace 1688 with whatever you want.

Full details here:
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The KA-50 can set three different laser codes as well.
I did not test if or how it works but at least you can change the laser code.
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Lol two more codes to find.

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Seems like ED decided to remove this feature. Its not Working in 1.5 anymore.

Can somebody doublecheck?

New DCS World KA-50 Blackshark and SU-25 Sound?

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Originally Posted by Isegrim View Post
Seems like ED decided to remove this feature. Its not Working in 1.5 anymore.

Can somebody doublecheck?
Very strange move by ED. But thanks for letting us know. I will skip that last update then.
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Probably it's because this "feature" wasn't right. What I mean is, it might be impossible in real life, so there is no reason for being in the game.
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It is a bit funny, an A-10 could lase Ka-50 or Su-25T missiles, and I'm sure this is something RL equipment makers would like to avoid. Also, perhaps this might even be exploited online to interfere with people's guidence, may be not.

All that said, I think I remember this was an actual way to guide Su-25 missiles IRL. If what I remember is correct, they would mount a laser guidance unit on an APC, and this unit would paint the target for Kh-25ML. Su-25 could fire it and leave, with the APC guiding it from ground.

Not sure where was it I read that though, so don't really have a source to show unfortunately.
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That's sad, we miss so many flyable planes for a real world scenario, but this bug gave us a good workaround for mod planes with not simulated systems...
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Well, I can't say I wasn't expecting this and feel a little sorry for posting it.
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