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Lightbulb Suggestion: Visual floating menu with cascades for hotkeys [VR]

I don't know If what I'm going to say it's already possible, but it would be great, specially for vr users, to be able to use all the functions available with just a few keys and "expandable" menus.

As an example of what I'm trying to say, we all know where Q,W,E,R,T,Y 1,2,3,4,5,6 Mayus, bloq mayus and Tab keys are. By pressing any of those last three, a semi transparent floating menu like the one when you pause appears on the screen, in which you could read the Family functions that the other keys have. You may also select directly the key you want and start within that submenu. Let's say the key "E" has weapons, once you press that key another menu appears, in which you could also select another function and so on, until you end up doing the task that you wanted.

Once you've ended up the command, the screen disappears, and you could press again TAB menu to open the inital menu or Mayus to go back to the last submenu visited. You get the idea, highly customizable (with shortcuts to most used submenus, and persistent menus if the user like) and extremely intuitive. It's also perfect for users that have a one handed keyboard, as with this method few keys are required.

I surely prefer to press Q,E,Q,R than having to do L.control+alt.shift+Num. pad 5. I'm surely not the only one using a logitech k400+ in the rig, that doesn't even have a numeric pad. The key bindings are a huge barrier to newbies like me I've honestly spent more time mapping stuff than actually playing, and it shouldn't be like that (specially considering it's not realistic at all doing those weird hotkeys combinations).
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