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I write this here although I had planned a time ago to upload in a related topic to land base aircrafts, but I think that here it is valid too (ACLARATION: the paragraph in bold can be applied for onboard air operations); ok there we go:

This is for ground crew support personnel aircrafts, not for carriers CVN/CV/LHA, etc.

For practical reasons the ground crew clothing and equipment can be the same for all US planes, Russia has their respective, etc. Instead, for obvious reasons, every plane have their exclusive animations personnel (to fit it when work under wings and around the plane), and vehicles for rearm and refuel.

When taxing heading to their respective spot and "near" it, using a key, the pilot can chose to "automatic", and the plane head itself to his exclusive asigned spot; or choose to move manually to their spot as usual ( a "ghost" plane, stopped and centered, where it should stop with the form of used plane can appear to help the pilot to match it (the ghost plane could only be seen by the user); if the plane no fit exactly, then the plane instantly accommodate and the ground crew can start arming and refueling automatically by an scripted sequence.

Rearm and refuel:

The time duration from this actions can be regulated for the user and/or the server, and can be set in several time options, for example:

A- Normal time ( the real time for rearm and refuel the plane )
B- Accelerate time.
C- Instantly.

That's it all I can imagine for a mayor immersion and realism, and not an empty huge concrete plataforms.
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I'd keep those ghosts and parking helpers for training only.
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Originally Posted by Captain Orso View Post
That would be fitting, and then they should have a tractor push you back and make you try again.
Oh, they don't have time to bring a tractor around to push you back into place:

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