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Default Viper's USPs?

Not a loaded question in any way, I am just interested in what the Viper's USPs are to make it an interesting buy when Hornet and Tomcat are already owned.
I want to part with my cash, but, through my ignorance, I just would like to know what makes the Viper different.
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(When mention an abbreviation the first time, you should spell it out as not everybody automatically is familiar with its meaning. Here, I assume by USP you mean "Unique Selling Point"?)

For me, the main reason to want it is because it brings my own flight sim experience full circle, starting with the old Falcon 3.0 and 4.0, both having solidified my passion for the Viper both in sims and real life.

ED bringing it to DCS in all its glory is what I've been waiting on for many, many years.

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It's a high quantity built US non-carrier-based single engined airplane without a canopy frame infront of you.
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First Fly by wire combat aircraft capable of sustaining 9g turns. Canopy, Thunderbirds, pretty much an engine with wings... ETC...
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It's simple, do you like dogfight?.... then you must have F16 in your virtual hangar DCS.

I hope to feel how agile and fast it is in flight.....

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This is a pretty good article from a pilots point of view on the planes. To me there is not much difference between the two other than the obvious stuff. I have just always loved the F-16 for its sleekness and power.
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Can it out dogfight an F-15 in any situation?

Honestly, I think the Hornet has a lot more going for it considering its multipurpose radar utilizing TWS, Boresight, RWS, SEA, GMT and other elements that the F-16 doesnt have. IIRC though, the AESA radar is to be modelled, but Im usually wrong with these things since I dont often pay that much attention here. Is anti-shipping an F-16 role? No. But it does dogfight well where the Hornet would fail in. Otherwise its Boeing vs Lockheed and that alone is the biggest difference. If by some far off chance someone models an F-35 or F-22 (very unlikely) you'll get the added benefit of knowing how to use the avionics more or less.
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Originally Posted by TheGuardian View Post
This is a pretty good article from a pilots point of view on the planes. To me there is not much difference between the two other than the obvious stuff. I have just always loved the F-16 for its sleekness and power.
Yay, an article by Mover! Dude's pretty down to earth. Check out his youtube channel.
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And because you can feel like Doug Masters again
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There's certainly a lot of overlap: the viper and the hornet are both single seat multi-role jets of a very similar era. That said there are some cool things about the F-16 in comparison to the Hornet.
  • Performance: the Viper is an absolute dogfighting monster: 9G capable and with a power-to-weight that is second to none. The viper has a higher roll rate and greater overall agility than the Hornet. If the Hornet is a Cadillac the viper is definitely a roadster: engine with wings.
  • Ubiquity: it's used everywhere by very many nations, so there are loads of historical scenarios it fits in.
  • Personal history: been a huge fan since BMS, have a lot of experience with it.
  • SEAD: the plane has a big SEAD/DEAD focus, particularly the Block 50 with the Harm Targeting System: unique to the F-16.
  • Avionics: I love the HOTAS for the F-16 and find it very intuitive, definitely prefer to the Hornet.
  • Cockpit: love that no-rails bubble canopy.
  • Air force: You get to pretend to be in the USAF and do USAF things as opposed to Navy things
  • Looks: subjective, but it's one of my favourite looking jets.
For me it's an obvious buy because whilst I was really excited when I heard ED were going to make the Hornet, I did find myself thinking: yeah but the one I'd really like is the viper!
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