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71st_AH Rob
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While a Pacific Map would be the Gold Standard if it came out before the competition with the detailed Carrier ops that it appears DCS World is capable of delivering, the elephant in the room is as Philstyle points out, the 6 to ten years to get, map, assets and player a/c ready for early access.

The Pacific would play to DCS's strengths ( Carrier ops, high Fidelity FM, SM etc) and downplay it's weaknesses.

The small land mass would make development faster presumably. Most islands would not require any details at all since they were unoccupied atolls etc.
DCS is not good in multiplayer with any amount of ground unit movement and small islands would naturally limit movement and largely could be mostly eliminated by carefully selected scenarios.

The campaign was primarily air and sea so most battles could be done convincingly with no ground forces. With DCS map size and most of it being ocean you could cover most of the AO for the Coral Sea or Solomon islands on a map.

ED would need to put out one of those maps (quick), two player a/c, an F4F and an early A6M2. They would need to make a handful of AI, Dauntless,
Devastator, A5M, Val, Kate and Betty. Oh and four fleet carriers, a Japanese light carrier, a USN cruiser, destroyer, oiler etc and an IJN cruiser destroyer, minesweeper, tug, supply ships etc.

This would be like putting the patient on the transplant list for a new heart, what we need now is a transfusion to keep the patient alive.

The planeset that we have now and the ones that we are aware are confirmed, less the I-16 and P-40, make the most sense in the AO proposed by the OP.

The map lends itself to the strategic, operational and tactical levels. It would cover the time period from 1943 to the end of the war, meaning additional a/c development could be supported by those already released at each end.

The problem is that it is a huge landmass and development will be slower. FPS will be more affected than open water. Ground forces moving will cause problems.

I think what we need to reinvigorate DCS WWII is AI aircraft, allied AAA, trains and ground vehs that work (follow tracks or trucks that follow roads) and placeable airfield zones with appropriate buildings ( hangar, windsock , control van etc.) To flesh them out. And, a roadmap specifically for WWII from ED outlining the vision of what they are going to do and what is open for third parties, and some very general timelines

The OP map would be great, but we need to keep enough interest in DCS WWII to get there.
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One of the challenges with PTO stuff is the fact that there isn't much source documentation for Japanese aircraft. What substance remains is untranslated and expensive..
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ED is making FC type aircraft. Perhaps their goal is too make these and maps that do not take the better part of a decade to code. Trying to code for the latest API with current software has added another layer of time consuming work. ED is also trying to use the Vulkan API which also adds another layer.

From what I have read, ED has an enormous amount on their plate. They are trying to add more staff. Adding anything new at this time is unreasonable.

Developing software that is Pre-Released Alpha style which is released only for those who have time and patience to bug-hunt/troubleshoot this software, leads IMHO to think that this is a big turn-off for new customers who think the software is so full of bugs and problems, its not worth buying. Labeling software as Beta, is also an indication that it is not finished and turns off potential customers.

Its great to see new aircraft but many of the systems are not ready and maps are unfinished. It takes 2 to 6 months and sometimes years to get a finished product.

And you guys are wanting new maps/aircraft? Let ED stitch together what they have now.
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Fair enough, but maps will keep coming, even if they have a lot in their plate, so this thread is still valid. ED will announce a new map later this year accordring to Wags (Some recent youtube clip, don't remember which) and Ugra are making Syria (When they should be completing Normandy) and Razbam is doing the Falklands.

I doubt that ED's new map is WW2, and would assume it would cater to the stream of new modern jets out or in the pipeline (Hornet, Tomcat, Mudhen, Viper etc) and since Afghanistan has been mentioned, that is what I would assume. Then again you never know.
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I always remain of my idea, and that is that without airplanes it is useless to think of new maps in the WWII ...

And in my opinion the main problem is always the same, that is how much the ED is interested in WWII and consequently how much it intends to invest in this sector, because in the absence of a serious development policy the WWII sector in DCS will always remain in oblivion …

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David OC
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Maps can still be made anytime. My thoughts on DCS ww2, it will be popular with the guy's that want closer to real accuracy for the aircraft. E.g guy's that perhaps even start in other ww2 sims.

ED focus for this to "get there" I believe is...

Optimization / Vulkan / stable
Dedi Servers
Damage models
Good MP map setups

The rest is fairly in place...More maps will come no doubt.

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In this stream Chizh hinted about WWII Europe map.
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If i understood correctly, ED is working on a new WWII map, European map, did i?
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Originally Posted by saburo_cz View Post
If i understood correctly, ED is working on a new WWII map, European map, did i?
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Originally Posted by Tormoz View Post
Wow.. interesting.. although I'd far rather see more of the existig map fleshed out including asset pack etc..
On YouTube @:https://www.youtube.com/philstylenz

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