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Default Kings of Vegas - Helicopter PVP King of the Hill Gameplay

Kings of Vegas<-- link to mission file

This MULTIPLAYER mission is a classic King of the Hill style game mode with a rotor-head twist in Vegas - basically HeloQuake. Keep control over the area marked with BLACK SMOKE AND FIRE on the VEGAS STRIP and the first team to 100 points WINS. The only way to gain points is if you are the only team occupying the hill. Both teams have all the same helicopters, so pay special attention to the colors your teammates have and DO NOT TEAMKILL!

Weave in and out of buildings for cover and become the KINGS OF VEGAS! This mission is great for settling scores in 1v1s, or having as much as 16 vs 16 HeloQuake (16 vs 16 is NOT recommended....). But be careful! The hill's altitude is also restricted, so you will not gain points if you are too high up!

To-Do list:
1. Once I figure out how to add points via kills, then kills will be another way to get points.
2. Look into how to implement an on/off for friendly fire
3. Download high contrast skins for each helicopter to easily identify friend from foe

There is a bug with the way Trigger zones and flags work when a player is in the capture area but leaves unnaturally - for example if they get disconnected, choose a new aircraft, lag out, etc. Basically the scoring system will crap out and stop counting for that player's entire team and will require a mission restart to fix. I haven't found a way to work around this yet

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