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Roger that.

It's cool that in asking the wingman to confirm coords, he gives a range+bearing from Bullseye. Then you can set the rho and theta on the HSI and go right over Max! So you don't need to enter the coords in your INS.

Bit of a character that Max. I recall an RAF pilot who did an exchange with the French air Force and flew the Mirage with them for a while. He described the French fighter pilots as being just like Max. Praised them for being very aggressive and even a bit "gung ho"! But he loved the c. Bit different from the F3.


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Hi everyone,

I tried to understand the DRYAD encryption and I believe there is a mistake in the example provided in the kneepad. Or it is me who is wrong, also very plausible!

The example tells us to go "Mike Foxtrot" and it gives us a SET LETTER of "Delta", which is correct to this point. (see picture)

But then, from what I understand from the DRYAD, we should STAY ON THE SAME ROW as the SET LETTER to choose our letters that will then point to the reference digits that are always the same. Otherwise, this SET LETTER has no real influence.

So, to obtain the code "2 4 6 6 2" we should actually provide the cypher text : "Victor Foxtrot Bravo Oscar Uniform", taken from the row where the SET LETTER was found.

This is my understanding but it would probably require the confirmation or correction from someone more qualified, an active or veteran pilot perhaps ?

Very interesting system anyway and quite a challenge to deal with while piloting.
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Yes I think there is a mistake - which I forgot to correct but will do in the next few days. As Accipiter says, you can also ask wingman to give you bullseye coords to confirm you are in right position.

And as for Max - the guy doing the VOs added a lot of character his own extra lines. And he does have the AdA background
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