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Default [ME-MOD] Coalition Modification and Information

Version for 1.5 or greater now available. Special thanks to uboats for helping with it. Find it here.
Download from Github

I've seen numerous requests or questions on how to update your coalitions after a mission has been created, considering how un-user friendly that task is I decided to do something about it and modded the functionality into the mission editor. The primary purpose of this mod is to add countries to a mission you forgot to add. However it can switch existing countries to the other team or remove it by moving it to neutral.

How to use:
The panel is available via a button at the bottom of the mission briefing screen.
On the panel you can freely move countries around as you see fit.

"Check" will display an information box on the left showing the changes you have made along with how many (if any exist) groups and units belonging to that country will be moved.

"OK" Executes the changes, if any.

"Cancel" will change nothing.

Once anything is changed, save the mission.

Important notes.
For this initial release you MUST save the mission file after changing the coalitions. I haven't quite figured out how to update the map screen to reflect changes made and saving the file is the only way to force the map to update.

At the moment the script doesn't "fix" or verify any issue that might be created by moving countries from one team to another. So you best be sure you want to make the change and always have a backup save-file.

Triggers and AI tasks.
Group and unit ids of all groups and units will stay the same, so triggers won't be effected unless you remove groups via setting that country to neutral. Tasks also will not change, but the execution of behavior might. For example you have an 'Attack Group" task or similar setup to attack a group of Russian tanks, and then change Russia to blue, that task will still be active and in game the AI will attack what is now a friendly group.

How to install:
-Extract attached rar file into your root DCS install.
-Two briefing files have been modified from the default game to add the button so you will be asked to overwrite 2 files.

I plan to update the script with map updating if possible.


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That's just excellent. Absolutely it is the worst thing building a mission and finding out half way through that you accidently forgot a country for a coalition or got a country added to the wrong side
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Finally. Thanks Grimes.
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My sentiments exactly.
Originally Posted by graywo1fg View Post

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Good job Grimes.

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Thanks for this, Grimes.
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Thank you!

Very much needed and appreciated!
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