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Default Southeast Asia Map

Vietnam Map I would like to see come to DCS
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Default europe

why not make europe maps, e.g italy, germany, uk, france, belgium......would be a great addiction to dcs
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I would love Taiwan, I would love Bearing Straits.. but the map that makes more sense is Korea. its good for the 50´s and a plethora of whats ifs in any period.
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Hey, why not just expanding the Caucasus map towards Ukraine and Crimea? This area has become pretty hot within recent years.
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I would like another historic map, for example:

Korea 1950s

Vietnam 1960-70s

Falkland 1980s
Afghanistan 1980s

East Germany 1960-80s (could be interesting for example because of West Berlin)

Of those options, Vietnam is probable the most desirable.
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Belgium - The Ardennes

The Netherlands - Gelderland - Nijmegen
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1. Vietnam -- 660nm x 600nm or so, to cover most of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. c. 1968
2. Philippine Sea -- from the Marianas Islands (Guam, Saipan) to about 800nm to the west, to include Yap, Ulithi and Truk islands to the south. Huge area of open Pacific Ocean for the ultimate WWII carrier battle in June 1944 that never really developed, but became the famed "Marianas Turkey Shoot". Imperial Japan lost about 315 aircraft in one day, June 19th, to the US Navy's loss of 20. About 130-deg East to 155-deg East longitude, and 5-deg North to about 20-deg North latitude. About 1500nm x 900nm.
3. Midway Islands open ocean battle area for the legendary Battle of Midway of June 1942. Maybe about 600nm x 500nm to include the Midway Islands...practically nothing but ocean and a few moving specks called aircraft carriers.
--These open ocean areas should be about $7 and be quick and easy to put them out already. The real deal would be making the aircraft and the ships. Yorktown-class and Essex-class carriers, Fletcher-class destroyers and Cleveland-class cruisers, to start. And a couple classes of Imperial Japanese carriers, cruisers and destroyers. About 9 models of WWII USN and IJN carrier planes. Place a group of ships in a general area of ocean at random...such as within 100nm of a lat/lon. Then the attack force of planes know nothing but say, "fly heading 250 for 300 NM and then just search." Of course, we can place modern ships in these vast open areas, too...and even potentially conduct submarine and anti-submarine action. Lots of searching. Lots of maximum range flights. Boring? Sure. But you have to keep your eyes open, and watch the radar scope if you have one. Blue water ops. A real need for in-flight refueling and carrier landing skills for the modern jets. Throw in something new...realistic tropical weather systems and storms, and the possibility to fly over or around them. Add 3D modeled towering cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds...giant clouds that could stretch from 2000 feet to 50,000 feet MSL!
4. Korean Peninsula map, c.1951.

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I'd love to see DCS take the old Microprose B-17 game and convert it.
The Western Front Map in that old game covered pretty much everything that was possible to fly during WW2.

I'd also like to see the assets increased to include all the aircraft ever flown in the Western Front, so that we could build a historically accurate re-creation of the air war.

Thanks for reading.
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Lightbulb Procedural planet + detailed custom maps

I would love to see nothing more than the whole world!

This is of course not possible at the level of detail we have for the current maps. But what might be doable is a hybrid approach of highly detailed maps that we can buy (like we have now) and a procedural generated "rest of the world" (like outerra). The procedural world could use available satellite images and hight data sets, OSM-Data and so on to create a reasonable enviroment. This way it would be possible to connect detailed maps like Caucasus, Syria and the Straight of Homuz. By using procedural refined higth maps the download size of the whole planet could be reduced dramatically (e.g. outerra full planet data set is ~100). The size could be reduced further if only required parts of planet are downloaded, e.g 100x100km parts.


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I’m amazed by the sugestions some people come up with. Afghanistan...? The Balkans?!?

This is ofc the correct list of what’s most important. :-D
In order:

1. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.
One of the most epic air wars in history. Just the 10 years of US involvement in the 60’s and 70’s was intense non-stop action of both strategic campaigns and battlefield support. Thousands of shot down planes and helicopters on both sides.

2. Israel (and the Mirage III)
Ever heard of the six-day war of 1967 and the Yom Kipur war (October war of 1973)? The Suez crisis. Libanon war...?

3. Cold war central Europe.
Epic possibilities!
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