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I'd even be happy with some fictional maps with an improved model for Combined Arms too. I think that's a module that has been neglected - I know this is primarily a flight sim, but in a multiplayer campaign it can be really handy!
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Originally Posted by lemoen View Post
I wish we could make community maps. Spread the work, let us help.
Now that is something I have mentioned a few times in past, even if its similar to some other older combat sims and/or flight sims that do this as a community where texturing is not so good at least you can start with a build for a global map adding the correct Geo-locations of airbases, towns, small cities, bridges and Capital cities, trees and lakes etc.

This could work in to ways either for community modding or it would assist the development of the sim by handing all work completed to ED once finished so they can add community work with their pro-maps joining and making a globe environment and release in updates.

"Community Modding" - creating stuff is what builds gaming communities and sims are no different its important to allow and provide these necessary tools for projects that allow a game community to flourish.

Then once ED are ready to work on MAPS in future they can re-texture and add more content.

So then a world map would have been made already by the community and many hours / years saved in hard work.

I know this can be done and reach some descent level of map creation by online discussions with people that create stuff for other sims/games as free community work.

There are heaps of examples and tutorials online already using 3DSMAX like these .......

Or even using Blender software which is open source trouble free for those willing get it here:- https://www.blender.org/

Just need the right tools and plugins and a willing community.

So I agree would be kool and a great community working and building great things together.

Maybe in future it might be like this who knows!

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Originally Posted by BlackLion213 View Post
You mean like this:

There are lots of other small and large islands in the northern part of the Strait. Matched with the craggy topography of Oman and mangrove swamps on the coast of Iran, it will be a very interesting place to fly.

Also, the maps will get bigger over time. Wags has said this in the past, but the growth has to be incremental to deliver the quality that ED desires. The high detail area of the Strait of Hormuz map is set to be the largest yet (390 km x 390 km) with a large low detail area around it (from what has been said).

This map in particular would benefit substantially from a large low detail since the areas around the Strait (in a east-west direction at least) are largely water. It would really increase the operational flexibility of the map if the low detail area to the east extended into the Northern Arabian Sea. It was common for aircraft carriers on GONZO station (Gulf of Oman Northern Zone) to spend a lot of their time in the Arabian Sea off Oman. This allowed them to conduct training (CQ, intercept training) in a lower threat environment and would also move to this area while on alert status (many carriers on GONZO would carry out flight ops 5-6 days per week with 1-2 days of alert status in between - often further east in the Gulf of Oman or in the Arabian Sea).

As with Normandy, these low detail areas could be really helpful for a lot of different gameplay aspects. I hope it is considered.

IMHO, we do need way more of Iran over here. The UAE Air Force main airbase is in Al Dhafra, which is close to Abu Dhabi (I once had the chance to see two USAF F-22 on final at distance!), adding as well the new airbase being constructed close to the border with Saudi Arabia and Oman. If you add more terrain down south, there is not a lot more of detail you will have besides small towns as the area is part of the Empty Quadrant. I know I may sound like the typical fanboy who wants everything now... but those air bases locations in UAE don't make any sense: Al Maktoum has just been opened a couple of years ago (plus is civilian and barely operational) and I highly doubt Dubai International would be use as a military one due to being surrounded by the city itself. What could be interesting is the large amount of wide highways in the country, which I'm sure they could be easily used as improvised runways.

Just my two cents!

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I do not think the picture above shows the extent of the map.
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Thumbs up Afghanistan, Crimea and Syria are in development

The current theaters included in TBS are the Caucasus region, the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), and the Strait of Hormuz region. As we develop additional theaters such as Afghanistan and the Ukraine/Crimea, we continue to update and add to these current theaters (such as the National Training Center).
source: http://www.thebattlesim.com/theater_environment/

TBS allows the import of multiple theater map environments. The Black Sea region map consists of the western Caucasus and includes much of Georgia. The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) has the largest contiguous air and ground space available for peacetime military operations in the free world. Other map environments are also in development that include the Strait of Hormuz, Afghanistan, Syria, and Crimea.
source: http://www.thebattlesim.com/index.php

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The maps are in development for TBS, not DCS.
There is no guarantee we will get these maps.
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So, on the TBS website it says that TBS is based on DCS... What is TBS? Is it like the DCS version reserved for military then?
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TBS = The Battle Sim is for Gov't use. Bit like VBS is the noncommercial version of ArmA.
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I've been looking for map making details to be able to create maps for DCS World but have only come across very old exporter tools(max-plugins).
Does anyone know where the sdk map tools are, or indeed if there are any that have been released that are currently up to date that can be used with either Maya 2016 or 3dsMax 2010 x64 or above? Thank you.
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I for one can not wait for this free update, great job Eagle Dynamics!!!

Awesome work!
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