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Rogue Trooper
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Each AP is slaved to my warthog stick as well as the auto pilot emergency off button but the lack of instantaneous feedback from my APs lights is truly detrimental.
I would reckon I spend 3 - 5 seconds confirming my APs are on or off whilst maneuvering a tight mountainous firing position.

Gagging for the new pit!

Happy it is on the "to do list"!

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Yes, it's getting annoying. Please ED, instead of trying to find new customers, please don't forget your old ones.

And those AP lights aren't the only thing wrong.
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Can't wait to get back to DCS. I hope to see my favourite modules of Ka-50, UH-1H and A-10C fixed soon! Sad to come back looking how's it going and seeing all these modules so broken.
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My AP lights are visible as ON/OFF, just the bright/dark is vice versa to as it was before. SSAA1.5x and MSAA2x.

In some stupid light conditions it's still hard to read, so it is in RL too sometimes.
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I would be happy to use my bonus's to pay for upgraded pits.
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Lixma 06
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I hope they introduce an option for 'cockpit shake' when they do the face-lift.

After flying the other helicopters it's eerie how calm & peaceful flying the Kamov is.
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