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Yea it's the same era bird as the H-3 which could take very little combat damage before falling out of the sky. The LZ had to be real clear before Jolly Green could go in for the rescue. The H-53 series through the E and K models are engineered to take a 50 Cal hit to the main gear box and still return home also the fuel system can take major hits and armor plate is available for the engines, pilots and control system,.
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Originally Posted by Looney View Post
Nor are you required to do so, if you're facing those AD assets, something has gone very wrong.

The Mi-8 weapons are supressive at best and used against soft targets such as infantry, trucks and such.

The heavy demolition crew of KA50s and FW aircrafts should take on the bigger fish in the pond.
Mi8 weapons can be used out to 2 km. That range would be pretty standart for s8 rockets. It is just that shooting at this distance without a rangefinder is a skill on its own. However you dont need 100% precision when s8 will cover 100 x 300m target area. Its actually a good thing against the infantry and for when you dont know where the enemy is.
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