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Same impression here. Mi-8 is extremely fragile compared to Huey.

I started my helo fun around 2 years ago when I bought Mi-8 and Huey modules altogether.

I like to set up my missions, so I can train the things I like to do at the moment and I set them to be able to fly as Client both Mi-8 or Huey.

While strafing against ground enemy targets that return heavy or light machine-gun fire, the Huey is like, at least, 10 times harder than the Mi-8, and can take a great amount of punishment before anything vital stops working.

In the other hand, Mi-8 gets any of its engines in fire or any other serious system damage and dead pilot/crew most of the time some bullets impact the helo.

Russian pilots during Afghanistan war liked the Mi-8 because it was very sturdy and could take them back to home base even if the hello got a great amount of punishment, this seems to be true.

Will be great that ED takes a serious look to Mi-8 damage model .

I love to take this great helo to some action, but is a miracle to come back to base with it, in the other hand with the Huey seems like "easy" to face the same challenges and return safe to homebase.

Looking forward to the Hind, and hope when this one gets released, Mi-8 gets a good "revision" on it, like damage model and PBR materials.
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Ka-50 seems to take 2-3 mistral missiles to shoot down (hits) while the Mi-8 generally is done with just 1. Haven't tried to compare to the western helicopters or AI units.

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