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Originally Posted by Ala13_ManOWar View Post
Yeah, of course you do hear rpm changes with constant speed props, except throttle changes MP, not rpm.

With komandogerat or whatever it’s written given a certain MP is reached it’s pretty much the same as a simple constant speed prop, so far from unexpected it sounds pretty much alike.

who is talking about throttle changes??? we are talking about rpm changes.
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Default throttle/rpm

let settle this mater bf109k4 dont have constant speed propeler
Small explanation constant propeler is the whole independent system in airplane including variable pitch propeler + governor unit(system can be powerd by hydraulic pressure from engine or can be run by electric means) . Governor unit regulates prop speed by adjusting pitch of the blades, Pilot can set target rpm throught in cocpit handle or switch this system works idepedently. It will try to maintain set rpm no matter whats happening with engine or plane. for example plane is flying at 300 IKTS if prop speed is set to 2700rpm governor will maintain this rpm even if pilot will lower the manifold pressure to 15inHg if pilot set 60inHg gradualy gavernor will hold up to set 2700rpm.
Case with BF-109 is completly difrent if pilot use automatic prop control ENGINE CONTROL UNIT will adjust prop speed based on fixed mechanical formula set by designers of the engine.
im not sure what exactly variables inputs are take under concideration by ECU but for sure its throttle position,ambient pressure,maby airspeed etc.
so whne you change throttle position in BF-109 ECU will change boost and rpm based on designers formula.
IF pilot is using manual prop in BF-109k4 the prop act like 100% fixed Prop
Pilot in BF109 when running auto prop has absolutly no control over prop speed like in p-51 or spitfire MK IX

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One thing I don't like about the cannon sound is that you can hear the reverb/echo from when it was recorded.

This might make sense when parked on the ground among buildings etc, but not so much when airborne.
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