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Originally Posted by IvanK View Post
The real aircraft has a slight "balloon" as the flaps start to run. A small check forward on the stick is all that is required to hold the VV on the horizon very shortly thereafter as the deceleration starts increasing back pressure (and increasing pitch attitude) is required to hold the VV on the horizon. It is at this time that the "urge" to trim is felt by the pilot. About 3-4 seconds of back trim is all that is required. In later software loads a Trim value is displayed in the HUD as you trim it remains displayed for 2 seconds after you let the trim switch go. (this is post Lot20 aircraft I believe).

As this is happening the E bracket starts on its way down towards the VV. At this point a substantial increase in power is required to "catch" the E bracket on speed.

Down final either method of pitch control works just fine.... just depends what school you went to . If the aircraft is trimmed (you are actually setting a reference AOA in the FCS rather than directly trimming the stab btw) only small power and pitch attitude changes are required to change VV positioning. small precise inputs are required. I do believe the Sim response in terms of attitude change to small power change is overdone. The devs have worked really hard in this area and its a whole lot better than pre the last patch.
Thanks for the explanation! I agree the patch has improved this quite a bit. I know it can be tough to simulate the whole procedure as the real aircraft does it. I just trim up a few seconds while the flaps are deploying and then add power and I'm eventually squared away with the horizon line.

Probably more to come once everything is in place and I'm sure you guys will get it at some point even if it's small steps at a time, it's better now than it was previously.
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