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Originally Posted by LazerPotatoe View Post
I guess one possible use would be:
- you spot a good artillery target in the distance;
... do NADIR stuff ...
- call fire mission.

Does that sound correct,
That would work.
... or is there a flaw in my logic?
It doesn't seem realistic, why not use the Viviane bearing and distance with a paper map/chart to get the grid ref., it's quicker and safer.

IMHO the polar copy function 'feels' like a pre-planned navigation or data entry aid, rather than a combat tool but we're waiting for feedback from RL pilots on how it's used in RL and it's place (if any) in DCS missions.
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Actually there is a discussion on french forum'with an ex pilot driver, and it seems you can enter polar coordinates:
It says basically that to display the polar coordinates of a segment between two WP you have to selector on BUT -> POL -> N° First WP-> N° second WP-> ENT -> First line displays flsahing theta value ( can be replaced by typing in value ) > Flèche Bas (arrow down) -> Second line displays flashing distance ( rho) ( can be replaced by typing) -> ENT to validate
So no need for calculations.
Based on actual NADIR manual , can be discussed with devs in more details.
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Hope that the sequence
PP (own position) -> POL -> DestWP -> bring Theta/Dist -> Modify Values -> ENT
will be anabled soon.
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Originally Posted by flanker0ne View Post
Hope that the sequence
PP (own position) -> POL -> DestWP -> bring Theta/Dist -> Modify Values -> ENT
will be anabled soon.
Does anyone know if this has been enabled?

EDIT: It does and it is glorious! The little gazelle can all in tomahawk strikes!

Instructions are in a "new features" notepad in the same folder as the flight manual.

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magnetic DEVIATION on a compass is due to local magnetic effects.
Hereby LOCAL means the magnetic influence ins the COCKPIT like all the electric devices you run. Therefore each magnetic compass installation into an airplane needs a deviation table.
It has nothing to do with local VARIATIONS of the EARTH's magnetic field.
Because this in no way parctical to use in a moving vehicle like an airplane you try anything to use something different than a magnetic compass for precise (pinpoint accuracy) navigation. You need INS or GPS or at best BOTH in combination for modern navigation.
MGRS, the military grid reference system is a map coordination system.
It is defined by UTM, the universal transverse mercator system.
So UTM and MGRS is often used as the same or one can say MGRS is another name for the UTM.
Sexy thing about the MGRS is its variable precision and compactness of information you need to describe a position:
GRID, (grid zone designator and 100,000m grid square identifier digit,letter; letter, letter)
EASTING, from south west corner
NORTHING from south west corner
written as
EASTINGNORTHING written as ONE NUMBER where the first HALF of the DIGITS is the easting and the second HALF of the digits is the northing in meters!
or from wikipedia:
  • 4Q .....................GZD only, precision level 6° × 8° (in most cases)
  • 4QFJ ...................GZD and 100 km Grid Square ID, precision level 100 km
  • 4QFJ 1 6 ...............precision level 10 km
  • 4QFJ 12 67 .............precision level 1 km
  • 4QFJ 123 678 ...........precision level 100 m
  • 4QFJ 1234 6789 .........precision level 10 m
  • 4QFJ 12345 67890 .......precision level 1 m
Now check the F10 map - you just see the last two letters for the grid which is perfectly fine, if you just see one side of the black sea.
The SR71 Pilot might ask you which side of the lake you mean when you tell him to take a picture of PJ4567

In the nadir 2 lines are showing easting and northing - but the grid number? If it would be alphanumeric and show the last to letters of the grid...

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Hi Gents,

The Gazelle uses the following system

grid number from 1 to 60 with some special cases with grids 31,32,33,35 and 37 ( grids map)

the display shows
northing 1st line (x10 meters)
easting 2nd line(x10 meters)
Grid number 3rd line

This third number can be displayed/edited pressing the down arrow.

Hope this helps.

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That would be the zone number, easting, missing the letter for the northing of the zone. Now you still need the two letters to specify the 100,000m square to be able to designate a point with the following number (8 digits in the case of 10 of meter precision or 10 for 1m).
would be a useful MGRS information given that the zone is known (like on the caucasus map we most of the time fly in the 37T or 38T).

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I found an even more precise description, java scrip algorithm included:
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