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Originally Posted by GK61 View Post
First of all thanks for your efforts in developing this program, it sure appears to have a lot of promise but it needs more work in areas where for example, when creating sequences, if I go to edit an action, afterwards it may appear in the list out of order (at the end), this can't be right or am I missing something? I've also noticed what I think may be a bug in that at times when I enter 2 identical actions e.g. at times to turn a rotary, one appears at the end of the list and the other is somewhere up the list in a random spot for whatever reason. Second, how if possible can we simulate the turning of rotaries within sequences? This is done easily with a single key press with a repeat of X times but why is this missing within sequence building? I find the options in entering actions for a sequence too basic compared to entering a single key-press so I`d love to see this addressed at some point.

Update, regarding entering actions in a sequence, when entering actions with differing start delay times for example, the entries end up out of order, this is simply unusable at this point and needs attention.
Hey Bud! Can you provide a specific example of what you're:

Trying to do with the sequence

How you have it set up

What the results are

I only ask because I have sequences for setting the different autopilot modes in the Hornet, tank jettison, speed brake... etc and they all of have start delays and work fine.

Remember that the delay is time from the initiation of the sequence... not since the last button.

Here to help if you need.

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