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Originally Posted by Captain Orso View Post
All those VR gloves and finger-pointing devices can never compensate for your real-world equipment not corresponding 100% to the virtual world cockpit. Eventually you will be going to operate some switch or dial and bang in to your throttle, or a switch box, or even just your table top.
There is nothing than air around joystick and throttle. And throttle is on same position across aircrafts about every time, as throttle is lower than those virtual throttles.

It is simply not possible to "collide" with real controlled in VR and hand tracking as there is no such thing where to hit!

Some of us has been doing this already for year or two, and already built the proper "virtual cockpits".

People just don't know what they are missing when there is only throttle and joystick and pedals on floor, extremely simple setup as you don't need any table mounts or special chairs or such.

You can build PC inside a such chair, and it literally takes as much floor space as a normal office chair. Yet comfy, tactical and pretty.

That is the beauty of VR, the virtual reality IS your cockpit. No button boxes, no tables, no keyboards, no mouse, nothing than HOTAS and your hands...
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Originally Posted by Mr. Big.”Biggs” View Post
Koolertron. Cheap and easy to set up. I now have more buttons than functions. At least for what I fly.


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Originally Posted by Drac View Post
May not be most, but I use PointCTRL.
Yep, same here. PointCTRL... the way to go...

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Originally Posted by Svsmokey View Post
I use a trackball , but VoiceAttack works well too . Ready-made VA profiles for DCS aircraft on the input/output page .
I use both VA and a trackball as well. I also have 3x TM MFD Cougars arranged in front of me in the F-18 config (and later will work perfect for the F-15E). The ability to reach out and touch the MFD buttons in the correct place is huge for the immersion.

VA has made some things SOOO much more intuitive. However, I still prefer to use the mouse for any switches in the cockpit that I don't have bound to the HOTAS. It seems more realistic to me than speaking a switch command. I tend to reserve VA to things that are not normal switches. Such as calling precontact with the tanker. Ot telling a wingman to attack a target or cover me or asking for Bogey dope.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Big.”Biggs” View Post
This setup and a trackball mouse for my stick hand seems to do the trick for me. The Virpil throttle has a 5 way switch that creates 5 individual controllers. I use 1 for startup, 2 for taxi and takeoff and landing. 3 flight, navi, refueling, 4 air to air, 5 air to ground. Once you develop the muscle memory there is no real fumbling and minimal movement of arms. Just one way to skin a cat...
The cockpits are clickable to be clicked though.

Nice setup btw

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Another vote for PointCtrl, it works great!

Also have 6 additional aux buttons attached to it and positioned on my Quest, use them to trigger nvg/nvg brightness, jettison etc.
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