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This is my method of observation. It's quite simple:

1 - Turn MSAA off in game. Observe staircase effect.

2 - Turn FXAA on in NVCP. Observe some mitigation of it.

The basis for this goes back to experiments people did with 2.2, e.g.


We can't tell each other what we see and do not see. So until we have input from ED, or a scientific method to produce data that establishes effect/lack of effect (and I am not aware of any - perhaps the Oculus tools?), this can't be concluded either way.

I apologize if I am coming across with a tone, I do not mean to, and am only expressing a disagreement on the method used to substantiate a presented conclusion.

I want the community to have the widest available spectrum of configuration settings to tweak for the best possible individual experience, and believe we should leave all lanes open until we have data or an authoritative statement that says otherwise. That is the place I am coming from.

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This is my example with my ReShade profile for DCS 2.5:

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The problem with MFAA on my setup (Nvidia - GTX 1070), that I get a lot of shimmering, while this does not happen with MSAA, although the resulting picture quality is comparable. With MFAA the whole cities are simmering when looking at them at angle, so this is pretty bad and I have to take the massive performance hit with MSAA. Is there any way to get rid of the shimmer? Do you guys also have it?
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i use 2xmsaa in game + mfaa
i think it was better when OB was first released. Now both 2xmsaa and 4xmsaa brings lots of shimmering. Don't know what to do. I can't recognize what plane is in front of me from a few miles
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What is SMAA? Where is that setting?

I have not seen any affect from FXAA. I might have to mess with that again but using a combination of MSAA and SSAA has good results, no need for MFAA with this.

I did some comparison you can see here


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