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Originally Posted by dresoccer4 View Post
so before i knew there was a separate way to get the game, i bought all sorts of modules on steam and have been using that (as i do all my PC games). then i saw NTTR came out and had to get that one separately, which means i now have 2 different instances of the game installed. i've been trying to avoid creating 3 separate instances just go get these campaigns (including the P-51 High Stakes).

so wanted to see if this would eventually come onto steam? i feel like i am indeed delaying in inevitable, but i can't be the only one who has most of the stuff through steam...
The main problem actually has the Key policy by Steam about external keys...
7 June 2014

Dear all,

We learned from Valve/Steam that they will be unable to continue merging DCS keys purchased outside of the Steam Store. As such and as of today, please note that any keys purchased outside of the Steam Store can no longer be used to activate DCS products on Steam.

We will be working with Steam to merge all keys purchased prior to today. We can make no promises as to when or if this will happen though… that is out of our hands.

Please note though that keys purchased on the Steam store will work on DCS World downloaded from the DCS Store.
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Originally Posted by agentdarnell View Post
That is incorrect. Steam keys work with both steam and the standalone version. Its the stand alone keys purchased from the website you can not activate on steam.
OH, ok didn't realize that.

...sorry for putting out bad info!
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Originally Posted by feefifofum View Post
@dre yeah I understand...but don't you have to replace a lot of your modded content every update anyway?
It's a PITA getting everything set back up the first time but it'll make life so much easier in the long run. If you'd rather wait the weeks/months for modules to release on Steam that's your prerogative of course, your time is your time.

As an alternative to manually installing mods, JSGME is super easy to use. Most modders release versions that are JSGME ready, and will make life a lot easier with respect to shuffling mods around when the game updates.
i caved and have begun the transition away from steam
it's going to take a while but i'll do it bit by bit when i have some extra time to kill. you're right it'll be better in the long run. and now i can get the new campaigns!
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One more brought into the light!
Welcome, my child.
Feel free to PM me if you need a hand getting anything set up with the standalone.
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