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Originally Posted by Marcq View Post
Ch product FighterStick/Pro Throttle

we are not on 2001 anymore mate
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Originally Posted by Tundra View Post
we are not on 2001 anymore mate
I have CH as well . CH products last forever , have high-quality switches and solid axes . All this at an attractive price point . Quality never goes out of style !
I do wish CH would make a Hotas dual-throttle though . That's the one thing i do envy the Warthog guys .
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Best Hotas: Complex question without more information from you OP, in terms of budget, desk/cockpit config, etc.

VR: The experience is great, but requires pretty high end CPU and GPU hardware for the best experience. If head to head PVP online multiplayer is important to you as well, you won't be quite as competitive in my experience versus trackIR users as they can move their head faster and more easily to keep track and find targets/threats. Just my opinion here, VR is more than worth it either way.

Hotas options:

The Tm Warthog is a pretty common and popular option, $500 USD ish after tax/shipping typically, used ones are around if you look and are patient too. The gimbal isn't the best, they tend to wear out in time, there are parts and fixes available here and elsewhere to deal with this sticktion issue.

Saitek makes a decent HOTAS, more plastic than metal like the Warthog, quality is "okay" but nothing spectacular IMO.

CH Products makes a dated but still good HOTAS, the throttle is so so nowadays, the Fighterstick IMO is excellent still, very light/gentle motion, far easier to move than the Warthog or anything else really.

VKB/Virpil make great new stuff, excellent high quality gimbals, the sticks are plastic, but you can use the Warthog stick in both bases to get the best of both worlds as well.

Pedals - lots of custom options out there, VKB makes the best bang/$ IMO, MFG Xwinds are great, Slaw's I'm happy with too, but they are much more $ now than when I got my sets. CH/Saitek make the usual suspects plasticy sets of pedals still too, but for a bit more $ you can get all metal VKB (virtual toe brakes only with these is the only negative).

There are "starter" options from TM and others that are great, the TM entry level HOTAS is great IMO, their TWCS throttle is fantastic for the $ as well too.

You can't really go wrong with any of the options out there now, they all have their quirks and pros/cons, but each and every one will work, and all have their camps and followers of users here on ED/DCS and at other sims. I have them all, and every HOTAS ever made pretty much which I've collected over the years, and I still can't decide day to day which I prefer or like the best, and switch around constantly. Based on that, IMO again, you won't go wrong with any of the options out there today.

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Thanks everyone
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