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Hello, my name is Mandulis. I have always had a love for fighter planes and DCS makes my dream come true, virtually. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I am 29 years old. I would love to meet some fellow pilots and pilotettes to fly with and take me under their wing. Feel free to shoot me a message. Im glad to be on this journey and Im in it for the long run. I have DCS on Steam, btw.
Mandulis, over and out.

AV-8B Harrier | F/A-18C Hornet | A-10C Warthog w/ all Training Campaigns | F-14A/B Tomcat
NTTR | Persian Gulf

i7-8700k @ 4.8ghz | 32gb DDR4 2666mhz | Nvidia GTX GeForce 1080ti | 256gb m.2 ssd | 1tb HDD 7200rpm | 500GB Samsung T5 Ext SSDx2 (one is exclusively for DCS) | Win10 Home | Dell U2917W OC'd to 85hz | Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum | Corsair K70RGB Rapidfire | Samsung Odyssey HMD | TM Warthog HOTAS | Logitech G Pro Rudder Pedals
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Hi everyone
After a break for nearly 6 years it was time to restart my flightsimming career and I decided to build a new system - it was the first one I did by my own and after some smaller issues it‘s live and running. Now I‘m just trying to figure out how to get used to DCS.
My military aviation simulation career started with Microprose‘s Fleet Defender (anyone here remembering this one?) and ended with Jane‘s Longbow 2. After that I changed to civilian sims like Microsfts FS series and X-plane. Now the fever is back and I‘m trying to master take off and landing in DCS.
Modules: DCS:FC3, UH-1H, F/A-18C, Harrier, Mirage 2000C, Spitfire, F-5E Tiger II, Bf109K4

Maps: Nevada, Persian Gulf, Normandie

Specs: ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-I, Intel i7-8086K, 32GB Corsair Vengance RAM, Nvidia RTX 2080 FE, 2x1 TB Samsung EVO 970 M.2, WIN10 64bit
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Hi, I am 29 years old Tiramisu.
My flight sim career started with the Microsoft Combat Flightsimulator 3 when I was around 15 years old.
Many years later I have bought FSX and it was fun playing all the different missions. This was the time I was getting into flight simulators more seriously.
Later I have bought Xplane 10 and 11 along with the highly detailled and expensive model of the 767.
After flying civil airplanes I started to play combat simulators again. First I tried IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad, which gave me some thrilling and heartbeat moments, because of those realistically looking and close dog fights.

A few months after playing IL-2 I started to look after DCS and my interest in it grew bigger because of the great graphics since patch 2.5. Of course realism is also very important to me. So when I saw the F18 Hornet in a bundle sale together with the persian map and the SU-33 for almost 80€ I thought that it is a good time to get into DCS and I did not regret it.

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Hello Guys,
My name's Chris, I'm from Belgium and I live near Brussels.
I have 49 years old and I am in the Army (Land Forces) since 1989.

I started flight simulation with Lock On : FC, SU-25T, A-10A) more than 10 years ago.
With DCS I started with the Ka-50 and then the A-10C. I also enjoyed to fly with the MIG-21. I am now back to the Ka-50.
I am waiting since months and months the release of the Mi-24 Hind.
Since the first module of DCS (Ka-50), I hope to see the release of the Mi-24. For me the most beautiful rotary wing in the world.
I waited so long for the release of the Ka-50 that I decided to follow a real helicopter pilot lessons and after 6 months of formation I received my Private Pilote Licence - Helicopter (PPLH) on Robinson 22.
At home I built a KA-50 simpit and I am now thinking to build another one after the possible release of the Hind !
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Hey guys, I guess I'm one of the old ones now, 54 years old, still hard to believe. I live in McQueeney Texas.

I started sims when I was stationed in England at RAF Upper Heyford in 1988, bought a Commodore Amiga for around $500 and upgraded RAM to a full megabyte for another $150! I played games with friends by connecting our computers with a cord, games like Flight of the Intruder by Spectrum HoloByte. I tried the early VR headsets they had on display in London around 1990 and always dreamed of having a VR headset of my own, but I did not know it would take so many years. They were actually run with Amiga computers back then. Later when I got back to the states I got into dueling over the phone lines with Fighter Duel Corsair vs. Zero by Jaeger Software, that was in 1992.

Anyway, I have always loved anything that flies, so I am into RC models as well. Recently I built a simulator withe the Thrustmaster Warthog controls and have been messing around with DCS for a few years now.

I've uploaded some pictures of my RC planes for those that may find it interesting, first one is my all balsa F9F2 Panther with 72" wing. K80 Turbine

Next is my 98" long F-18F powered by a Kingtech 180 turbine.

My all balsa 1/4 scale and over 14' long F-104 Starfighter, with Kingtech K260 for power, still needs paint.

Yellow Aircraft Models F-15c powered with a Kingtech K120 turbine. Some of my WWII models in background.

And my F-4E powered with a K120 turbine.

I have many others, but you can see my passion! I would live it if DCS had the Panther!
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I'm HondaShadow600 and I love playing flight sims and riding my motorcycle. I started out playing Ace Combat and Flight Simulator 2002 before discovering Lock On. I hope to build a new computer and get more serious with new modules that the developers are coming out with for DCS
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The Second Maverick
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Hello guys I'm The Second Maverick. I come from Indonesia in Southeast Asia. I've been in love with airplanes since I was a kid and is interested in the world of air combat, precisely in naval aviation. I started out my virtual flying with MSFS 2000 IIRC and then followed by YSFlight Simulator. I've also played several Ace Combat games, which are Ace Combat Zero, 6, and Assault Horizon. I found out about DCS in 2015 but just started playing approximately 2 months ago with the F/A-18C Hornet module in my inventory and I am absolutely amazed with the sim and its modules. My favorite airplanes are the F/A-18 Hornet family and the Su-57 PAK-FA for fighter jets, and the Boeing 737-MAX family, the Boeing 777 family, and the Boeing 787 family for airliners. Well I think that's all from me for now, I hope I'll be able to be able to fly with you guys in the skies soon

Best Regards
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James De'Souza
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I am posting here because apparently you need to have posted X number of times before you can start a thread and I want to start a support thread.

I am my name and I am an ass, that's about it.
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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. I don't have DCS yet (DYING to play) as I'm working on specs to build a computer worthy of playing it. I'm hoping that will happen in the next month or two. I've been playing Falcon BMS over the last few months. My current computer can barely play that, lol. I'm a real-world pilot (civil) and love these military sims, as it's something I never got to do. Happy to be here, and looking forward to meeting and playing with you guys!
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Hey everyone,

I've been using the forums for a few weeks but I never knew anywhere to introduce myself until now!

I started playing DCS in 2014 on steam, without any of the DLCs, and with just a mouse and keyboard. I'd always had an interest in flight, I enjoyed the free planes so I got FC3 and enjoy that- but DCS blew my mind with how immersive and realistic it could get when (on the advice of literally everyone) I finally got the A-10C in 2015. Since then, I've got a cheap but decent HOTAS and Track IR.

Being mainly singleplayer, I was quite distanced from the community but recently I've joined the forums and I've been watching and learning, and sharing in the excitement of things to come!

Have a nice day everyone!
Currently most played: MiG-15bis, AJS-37 Viggen, F/A-18C Hornet, Spitfire Lf Mk IX
Wishlist: Tornado IDS, EE Lightning, MiG-25
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