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Default Real measurements of the cockpits elements?

Is there a way to know a real measurements of cockpits, like example the canopy width?

I ask this to adjust the world scale value (aka "DPI" what is wrongly stated as such in DCS) correctly by knowing example real width between canopy left and right supports, and then use a measurement tape in VR to feel does the width in VR match to what measurement tape is.

It is difficult to adjust it just by a pilot body size experience, as when the hands feels about right size, the shoulders are miniature, and when shoulders match, then the whole cockpit is like a car dashboard.

As example I have never sit down in a Harrier cockpit, that makes very difficult to get the size experience right.

And when this varies between all the modules, I have come to believe that there is no standard scale in DCS that what every module modeler needs to follow, meaning that 10 cm in DCS can vary to be a 8 cm or 12 cm depending modules.

This is part of the challenge in the VR, as when you sit down in a chair that has fairly upright back, you either sit like 20 cm above the seat when you see through the HUD, or you are inside a seat if you match the crouch location or knees, and if you position your chair back position to virtual seat, then you are sitting above the stick...

It really is super annoying and this is about all modules!

So example if someone could say that the real Harrier canopy width is 98 cm, then one can cut a 98 cm long stick and use it as physical scale in hands in a virtual cockpit and feel that does the real hands match the visual properties, or even the virtual gloves finger positions (as those fingers is possible get fairly accurately positioned in the virtual space).

Click image for larger version

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The wider the scale proportion is, then more accurate it is possible to do, so example using a MFCD scale doesn't just work, as smaller the scale is, larger the error of feeling is.
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Holy Sh*T!!! Is that a cockpit you are building?????
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If I was going to do it, the way I'd go about would be thusly:

Take measurements of real aircraft in this case 46'4'' x 30'x4''. Convert this to inches, centimeters, or even millimeters depending on how anal you want to be about scale accuracy.

Load ingame model in view/editor something and note the number of points, decimals whatever the aircraft is ingame and extrapolate into the measurements you have. For example if the plane is 10,000mm long and the game model is 2056.378 points long, then you know this many points equals 10,000mm, which works out to 4.862 millimeters per point.

From this point you should be able to go in the cockpit and start ''measuring'' individual objects and converting the numbers back and forth.

If the cockpit models you need are a separate 3d model from the external one (likely) you'll need to get a relatively accurate estimate of the overall size of the cockpit as a starting point. Knowing the total length and width, you should be able to use some photos to come up with a fairly accurate idea, compare it to the ingame model as above to get a 'conversion ratio' and then start taking your measurements again.

This is all going to be rather tedious this way and it's all going to take place in a 3d editor or model viewer. Finding some schematics or something online would be a lot easier if possible

Your suggestion using like VR gloves and a ruler might work, actually, but it probably won't be super accurate I don't think.
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Originally Posted by Robert31178 View Post
Holy Sh*T!!! Is that a cockpit you are building?????

Idea is to have a real cockpit measurable distance, longer then better. And then make a actual physical stick that has that length, and then when you wear the VR, you can hold that stick between your fingertips and "feel" that does the Virtual Reality 3D model match what you hold between your hands. If you feel that the stick is longer or shorter, then you can adjust your 3D world scaling properly to match the feeled size.
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