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Originally Posted by TheCabal View Post
I saw/observed F-15s & Su-27s (gun zone, 1 vs. 1, different pilots) shred everyone on multiple occasions with them flying maneuvres with these birds like you can in HAWX. So if you want to maintain such a Call of Duty meta BS stuff in DCS
For an easy reference ....



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No it isn't. You've just convinced yourself of that. It's just like every other Sim in there. I pull stick back it goes up and push stick to the right it goes right and so on. Just because it doesn't have clickable buttons doesn't mean anything. I can beat a 15 with an 18 and a 16. Just as well as beating a 15 in a 15. The best part about the 15 is it's gun sight. That and it's big bird that holds 400 more rounds and takes a lot of damage. Just like in real life

Cheers ace
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