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Exclamation WARNING

I don't want to accuse anyone of malice, and Helicopter physics and flight dynamics are a broad and very complex field. Even pilots often have only a vague idea of it.

Also, creating YouTube tutorials is not easy, but just because it looks good and sounds good doesn't mean that there is any science between the fiction.
Especially in tutorials about helicopters, you will find a lot of fantasy and few facts.
So be careful and don't believe everything that is presented nicely packaged.
If in doubt read a technical book. Its content is usually checked before it is printed.

On YouTube, you can upload any nonsense just as easily.
Especially if an airplane pilot tells you something about helicopters it is at least suspicious and questionable.

Some examples

A helicopter hovers because it pushes air downwards - Fiction
There is always some kind of vortex ring state - TRUE
If you descend with more than 1000 feet per minute then you get in VRS and in a dangerous situation? Sometimes under special circumstances, yes but most of the time NO.
Translational Lift is the change from pushing air downward to aerodynamic flight like an airplane? NO, not at all.

And so on...

Often the right action is only explained wrong. So if you do what is said it can lead to success.
But you should never tell anybody why you have done this, you could embarrass yourself to the bone.
Always happy landings
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The fact is simple if i may add my two cent?

The most of people think that an helicopter fly like a plane because of several references coming from the planes world.
However a fundamental difference exists that you cannot bypass.
On a plane you pilot the entire of cellule(body) by doing moving ailerons.
On an helicopter you pilot the main rotor by changing angles of blades.The cellule (body)is suspended at the rotor.
On another way to say it's the main rotor that brings the cellule.
You have to respect the helicopter rules to pilot it and the most of time forget all that you know about the planes.
Forget also all stupids assertions creeping around the web.

Before all of that you have to understand the huge difference between planes and helos.
To pilot an helicopter you have only to think of piloting the main rotor.

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Wrong, all of you. Helicopters fly because the Earth HATES them. It allows it to leave when they are annoying. Fact.
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I thought they were not flying but always falling, managing however to miss the Earth consistenly.
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As for the jets airplanes fighters they don't fly anyway it's just something balistic with a huge kick in the ass.
same way that to making fly a pebble.
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I am always willing to learn something, especially about flying. Especially, especially about flying helo's. So reading CHPL, then cromhunt had me studying every word they wrote. Then I read Hammer 1-1 and fell out of my chair. Still laughing, I read what gabuzomeu wrote and laughed again. Thanks for the kick in the ass, cromhunt!

I so love you guys!
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Default suspect

To know why players think that helos are so difficult to fly,we have to think about their bad reputation.
Always think that it could becoming something worse.
Our life suspending to one swirling piece of scrap
And not seated with two buttock glued on a floor the more or less aerodynamic.
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Default Bell UH-1 Tutorial 1 / Combat Takeoff and Landing

What is the difference between a normal takeoff / normal landing and his combat counterparts?
The answer is for sure pretty simple and maybe supprising for you.

By the way.
I am not a military pilot and never flown even combat like missions. But it is not that difficult to see the differences.

Is this the right time to talk about Combat takeoff and landing during flight training. Maybe not in the first few.
But there is another, more vital aspect that needs to point at any time.
Fling a helicopter is not only moving an aircraft from one place to another, which is only a matter of training. More critical is that fling a helicopter is, much more than an airplane, a constant decision-making process.

Always happy landings
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This is the best thread on ED.

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Hey ,good one "CHPL".you are right.
The most of time ,noone among all the apprentices pilots are thinking about the weight.(MTOW)
When you decide to go confront the death,with these machines killer of newbies,you must learn how to manage their performances.
The secret is in the weight you will choose for taking off.
First part which have to be considered is quantity of fuel to reach the combat zone,stay around a little without hit the ground or might be shotdown by an deadly shot.And if we are lucky ,to hope that it remains enough fuel to succeed a return to base.
Thus it seems that you have to know their consumption per hour.
Well i already hear someone saying it's obvious.
However the most of times noone consider this stuff is important.
Players put the full fuel and go away.
With fuel the weight of helo will change and the driving will be different for each load weight.
You will tell me that without fuel it doesn't work.OK.
But to kill something more big than a rat,you need heavy guns.I insist on "heavy".
Add weight of rockets ,bullets,machine gun,fuel,crew members...and so.
Once done take a look on the MTOW of your war machine.
Also take a look on performances at heavy weight and light weight.

Now you are front of a choice.
A big killer machine ,like you have seen in all the stupid movies, which will throw you directly to the cimetery without have seen anything.
A good setting taking in count all features usefull in order to learn something from this to become less idiot if there be a next time.

Thus before to want becoming the new"kid on the block"you have to practice a several settings.At least the one you choose for your missions.
Once more the airplanes jets fighters are a wrong exemple;With their weight/power equal to 1 and more.
To throw a pebble far away enough you need only force a little.Nothing magical.
Isn't it?

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