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I pitted 16, Blue Spitfire/P-47/P-51, against 16, Red 109/A-8/D-9, on Channel Map.

At 6500', 16500', and 26500'.

At all altitudes, the Blues wiped the floor with the Reds every time.

I don't know what this proves, but I was expecting a much closer match.

Reduce the Blue to 12, they still won easily.

Very entertaining watching.

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Originally Posted by Relic View Post
I'm not a programmer, but the AI flight models don't behave like they're in the same physical world. They never seem to stall, and every AI whether it is ww2 or modern in DCS does the same thing when in a dogfight: vertical loops. It's not enjoyable.
ED stated how they made this : their AI is "perfect" in terms of aircraft management, they pilot their plane in such a way that they induce the minimal drag possible, they retain the maximum speed possible, etc, etc....
Imho this results in UFO behaviour since NO ONE ever did that, ever.
They also have perfect knowledge of opponent energy state and slightly change their pattern accordingly to maximise energy difference gain.
Imho this is kind of a lazy "solution" around "IA will never be good anyway" (a poor argument I've read, why bother making IA then if that is your starting principle? Not saying ED has that principle, but that shouldn't be used as an argument, tbh...).

As well, I've yet to see team tactics from AI. That would be a good direction to look for improvement instead of making unrealistic perfect beings.
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