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Default VEAO Update - May 2017

Dear VEAO Customers,
I am writing to you to keep you informed about the Hawk and P-40F development programs for DCS World.

As you know, we have seen a list of problems develop with each iteration and patch of DCS with both of our aircraft, through no fault of our own. From engines suddenly not having any thrust to aircraft not being able to take off from the ground to weapons and smoke stopped working to the latest problems we are encountering with the upcoming DCS 2.1 release.

Our development team scramble around trying to fix these issue which are caused by the core simulator being updated. As you can understand this is sometime soul destroying and very time consuming for us, not to mention things breaking for you when flying the aircraft.

You, our customers, are the driving factor for my team and I to keep working on these issues and to provide you with the best experience possible with the aircraft we are developing and we are committed to doing just that.

Therefore I have taken the decision to delay release of the P-40F and future VEAO modules until a stable DCS 2.5 has been released. I feel that this is the only way forward and it is not a decision I have thought about lightly.

While we understand that this news is disappointing to many of you; to demonstrate our commitment to those who have and continue to support us, we are willing to offer a full refund to those customers who purchased the P-40F through the VEAO Store

Please go to this page and fill in the required fields on the form to request a refund:

The Activation code that you have been provided with already will still be valid for P-40F when it is released for DCS 2.5. In addition we will provide you with a pre-release version closer to the time of release for you to enjoy.

For Hawk we are still committed to developing the product to its full potential and are working through the bugs presented to us with each DCS patch. This will continue to happen through versions 1.5.6, 2.1 and beyond to the merged stable 2.5 version.

We understand your frustration with our products and no one is committed to solving the issues more than us.

We have taken the decision to concentrate our focus on the development of P-40F and Spitfire along with the updates and changes to Hawk and as such we will not be releasing development updates for unreleased products until they are in the hands of ED and release is imminent. For released products we will of course update you as soon as new features and updates are completed.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.
Chris Ellis
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I think you took a wise decision. I did not bought P40 , but I find the refund with preserving the key a good brand recovering for VEAO. Whish you best and real hope you can put VEAO back were it was in the begining... I am sure you can, even it will be after 2.5 .

As a side note, the issues faced should be assumed as it not sounds very nice to delegate them to DCS core features/changes. It is part of process... a process were you committed in.
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Thx for the info Ells, as annoying as it may be. Constantly trying to hit a moving target when it comes to programming is hell and in the long run, it's better for us too if you guys wait for some stable water on EDs end first rather than having our planes break every new release cycle.

I'll keep my P-40 preorder because I want to see more developers working on ww2 aircraft in DCS, not less.
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So sorry thats the step you have had to take, lets hope the wait is short and your time is spent wisely

Also Kudos for your very generous offer for the pre purchasers
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Great gesture of good will VEAO
Clear & decisive action is always the right decision
I didn't buy the P-40F but appreciate the sentiment and look forward to Hawk 2.0 (sounds like an action movie title)

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But even when 2.5 is released its not going to be a fixed unchanged versión. There are going to be updates, changes and modifications over 2.5.

So every developer must adapt, change, update his products according to new 2.5 updates.

Why the actual VEAO products problems with 1.5 or 2.0 updates will be fixed in a updated, changing 2.5?
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Now we know where we stand in terms of release window considering the future aircraft.

I will remain waiting for further updates on the Hawk. Might you be able to shed light on what to expect next on it?

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Good call and good luck
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Originally Posted by Esac_mirmidon View Post
But even when 2.5 is released its not going to be a fixed unchanged versión. There are going to be updates, changes and modifications over 2.5.

So every developer must adapt, change, update his products according to new 2.5 updates.

Why the actual VEAO products problems with 1.5 or 2.0 updates will be fixed in a updated, changing 2.5?
It depends on what and how much changes. Currently DCS is in a major revamping phase that probably affects a lot of different systems VEAO has to take into account (from FM modelling, to sound and lighting engine to damage modelling and so forth). Depending on how and what they integrate, that could mean completely scrapping and rewriting whole portions of the code (I don't know how involved that is since only ED acknowledged third party devs get access to the engine at this level but I would assume it not to be done with just a search and replace job on the codebase).
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Somehow I doubt 2.5 will be released as a final rock solid definitive stable version. Even the name suggests transition... 2.5.
Is true that no othe third party dev made same anouncement of stopping releasing anything until 2.5 but for sure they haven't stop developing the future modules nor fixing or finishing up the old ones even if they don't have solid release dates.
Also, sorry to say, they don't blame the patches for their bugs. They try to fix them and move on. Even Aviodev.

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