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Default VEAO Update - May 2017

Dear VEAO Customers,
I am writing to you to keep you informed about the Hawk and P-40F development programs for DCS World.

As you know, we have seen a list of problems develop with each iteration and patch of DCS with both of our aircraft, through no fault of our own. From engines suddenly not having any thrust to aircraft not being able to take off from the ground to weapons and smoke stopped working to the latest problems we are encountering with the upcoming DCS 2.1 release.

Our development team scramble around trying to fix these issue which are caused by the core simulator being updated. As you can understand this is sometime soul destroying and very time consuming for us, not to mention things breaking for you when flying the aircraft.

You, our customers, are the driving factor for my team and I to keep working on these issues and to provide you with the best experience possible with the aircraft we are developing and we are committed to doing just that.

Therefore I have taken the decision to delay release of the P-40F and future VEAO modules until a stable DCS 2.5 has been released. I feel that this is the only way forward and it is not a decision I have thought about lightly.

While we understand that this news is disappointing to many of you; to demonstrate our commitment to those who have and continue to support us, we are willing to offer a full refund to those customers who purchased the P-40F through the VEAO Store

Please go to this page and fill in the required fields on the form to request a refund:

The Activation code that you have been provided with already will still be valid for P-40F when it is released for DCS 2.5. In addition we will provide you with a pre-release version closer to the time of release for you to enjoy.

For Hawk we are still committed to developing the product to its full potential and are working through the bugs presented to us with each DCS patch. This will continue to happen through versions 1.5.6, 2.1 and beyond to the merged stable 2.5 version.

We understand your frustration with our products and no one is committed to solving the issues more than us.

We have taken the decision to concentrate our focus on the development of P-40F and Spitfire along with the updates and changes to Hawk and as such we will not be releasing development updates for unreleased products until they are in the hands of ED and release is imminent. For released products we will of course update you as soon as new features and updates are completed.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.
Chris Ellis
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