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Question Respawning ground units with MIST

Hello everyone!
I'm trying to build a training range with a few tanks and unammned trucks, and i'm trying to create a script using MIST that will respawn them once they've all been destroyed.

I've used the "MISSION START" trigger to load MIST.

I've then created the following trigger that unfortunately doesn't seem to work

CONTINUOUS ACTION > GROUP DEAD ("TANKS") > DO SCRIPT: if not Group.getByName('Tanks') then

mist.respawnGroup('Tanks', true)


Any help is greatly appreciated
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Group.getByName() returns the object even if it is dead. So you can check how many units are alive. if Group.getByName('Tanks') and #Group.getByName('Tanks'):getUnits() < 1 then
respawn group

Also the group dead condition might also need to be changed to a lua predicate. It used to work how you have it, but unfortunately I believe it only works the first time.

lua predicate: if Group.getByName('Tanks') and #Group.getByName('Tanks'):getUnits() < 1 then return true end
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when i used to use MIST and respawn stuff I would use

switched condition trigger group (EASY#001) group dead
then for action
mist.respawnInZone('EASY#001', 'spawn_zone1', True, 700)
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